Po Chun 530 without pseudo – exposure or equipped with 1.5L engines – automobile Sohu running man20130526

Po Chun 530 without pseudo – exposure or equipped with 1.5L engines – Sohu automobile Sohu [car] before the spy fox, we obtained no false test – a group of 530 Po Chun, the new car will be lower than the location or Baojun 560, and is expected to be equipped with 1.5L naturally aspirated engine. From the exposure of the spy, Po Chun 530 one-piece grille and on line lamp design, Dazui grille collocation of double horizontal scroll, LED lamp above the slender eye-catching, smooth lines concise. Po Chun 510 sideways Plumper full, line from the headlights extends to the tail lamp group. In addition, the vehicle suspension roof design, strengthen the overall sense of the window frame and the body side of the sense of hierarchy. Body size, length and width were 42201740 1605mm, wheelbase 2550mm. The interior, Po Chun 530 overall interior design simple fashion, control button design stage is very novel, suspended multimedia central big screen with currently popular, highlighted the young style of the car. Comfortable configuration, the new car will be based on different configurations were equipped with GPS navigation, cruise control, a key start, panoramic sunroof, 8 inch LCD screen in the control, the security configuration according to different configuration were equipped with ESC vehicle stability system, tire pressure monitoring etc.. Power, Baojun 530 will be equipped with 1.5L engine, maximum power 82kW (111Ps), peak torque of 147Nm, transmission is likely to match the 5 speed manual gearbox.相关的主题文章: