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Real-Estate Portugals Silver Coast region is often overlooked when property investors look at property in Portugal. However, in reality, it is the heart of this fantastic country and has so much to offer to both investors and holiday makers. The Silver Coast extends from Castelo de Paiva at the north end to Arruda dos Vinhos in the south. It also has the largest motorway in the country, running the length of the coast. Even those who do not directly visit the Silver Coast are likely to be wowed as they pass through on their way from Lisbon to Oporto. Primarily, the Silver Coast is made up of small, traditional fishing villages, although as time goes by, more holiday resorts with new build apartments and hotels are appearing along the previously untouched coast line. A classic example of this is the village of Nazare, which has a wonderful sandy beach surrounded by hotels and apartments, whereas further away from the beach, heading up towards the hills, there are nothing but traditional fishing villages and local residents. Although the name Silver Coast suggests that the entire region is made up of beach resorts, there is, however, also a large amount of inland space which is equally beautiful. Many rivers run through the Silver Coast area, which keep the inland regions fertile and perfect for growing crops such as grapes, fruit and rice. The great thing about the Silver Coast is the variety of different styles of property that are available to purchase. At one end of the scale it is possible to purchase a 700 square metre plot of land in order to develop your own property, for less than 70,000 Euros. One of the best ways to invest in the Silver Coast region is to look at the new build apartments that are being developed across the country. By purchasing a new build apartment with sea views, in a popular holiday resort, investors can make the most of the long summer season and the positive tourist market. New build apartments are available from as little as 100,000 Euros and very few sell for more than 250,000 Euros. Modern tourists were not the first to discover the beauty of Portugals Silver Coast; the Portuguese royal family regularly visits the ancient city of Leiria which is very close to Lisbon. This beautiful city makes a perfect retreat for the family, as it acts as a good base in order to visit the impressive abbeys of Batalha and Alcobaca. For those in search of a bit more action, there is the famous resort of Figueira de Foz, which is still one of the most important towns. It was the ancient capital of Portugal, although these days it is better known for its enormous casino! These well developed areas are an excellent investment for those looking for instant rental and good long-term prospects. It is also a reasonably safe prospect as these regions have had considerable government investment, in order to ensure their success. However, those investors who are looking for a bargain may be better off considering under-developed areas and small villages where the really cheap properties can still be found. Of course, this approach is higher risk, but there is the possibility of huge capital gains. Whatever you are looking for as a property investment, Portugals Silver Coast is bound to be able to come up with something to suit you. So get in there, before you get priced out of this booming region! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: