Pre-sale 1 million 100 thousand yuan alpina bring B4 biturbo into China

Pre-sale of 1 million 100 thousand yuan ALPINA bring B4 BITURBO into China recently, according to ALPINA China (@ALPINA_CHINA) news, BMW ALPINAB4 BITURBO now in the country to accept reservations, pre-sale price of $1 million 100 thousand. Marked with a glorious history of more than 50 years of high-performance luxury car brand officially entered the Chinese market. ALPINA was founded in 1965, initially as a special Refitting Factory refit and upgrade of BMW’s models, and actively participate in car racing, received numerous honors, has won the European Touring Car Championship (ETCC), Germany Hillclimb Championship Rally Championship and a number of venues, even the famous Spa 24 hour endurance race, and BMW launched a close cooperation. 1983, by the German Federal Ministry of transport certification, ALPINA became a car manufacturer. The first listing of BMW ALPINAB4 BITURBO all wheel drive coupe, which is based on the BMW 4 series (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) to build, the pre-sale price of 1 million 100 thousand yuan. BMW ALPINAB4 BITURBO is equipped with 3 liter twin turbo engine, maximum power of 410 horsepower, peak torque of 600 cattle · m, 0-100km h acceleration time of 4.2 seconds, up to 303km H. In addition, this car is also equipped with ALPINACLASSIC series of classic Akrapovic wheels, custom exhaust system, car hand stitched leather seats and other sports luxury equipment. As a world famous automobile manufacturers, ALPINA has left many legends in the game, even before the F1 world champion Nicky · Lauda also served as the ALPINA driver in the arena battle. After the launch of the car in ALPINA, luxury and performance vehicles they create is subject to many BMW fans.相关的主题文章: