Pretending to apply secretly stealing a gang fled Beijing staring at the

Pretending to apply secretly stealing a gang fled Beijing staring at the dormitory with several small waiter candidates name, took the opportunity to steal the staff dormitory. In October 21st, the Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment police station and Nankai open close cooperation, destroy this fled Beijing large hotel dormitory theft gang. Recently, the Public Security Bureau police station in the Nankai open three occurred in the name of the hotel waiter candidates, took the opportunity to steal the staff quarters of the case, after the incident, the Criminal Investigation Detachment set up and open up the police organization task force to carry out investigation. Finally, Gansu Ji Feng has a major suspect, who is 18 years old, in 2014 but had robbery was sentenced to two years imprisonment, Nankai suspended for two years. At 17:00 on October 21st, the police arrested Feng and Duan in a small hotel in Tianjin District, Beichen. After interrogation, the two confessed together with the suspect Wang Gang Crime, stolen goods crimes in the Beichen area, the task force immediately three Bingfen road will suspect Wang, Xue Moumou received stolen suspects arrested. After the interrogation, the gang confessed since March this year in Tianjin cross Gang, Beijing and other places of crime 31 cases, involving more than 20 yuan worth of the crime. Daily news reporter Zhang Yan correspondent Dan Jiezheng Wang Kaifeng

假装应聘暗地偷盗 一团伙流窜京津专盯宿舍   几个小伙以应聘服务员为名,趁机盗窃员工宿舍。10月21日,公安南开分局刑侦支队与广开派出所密切配合,一举摧毁这个流窜京津的特大盗窃饭店宿舍团伙。   近期,公安南开分局广开派出所界内连续发生三起以应聘服务员为名,趁机盗窃饭店员工宿舍的案件,案发后,刑侦支队与广开派出所组织成立专案组开展侦查。最终,确定甘肃籍冯某有重大嫌疑,此人18岁,2014年曾因抢劫罪被南开法院判处两年有期徒刑缓刑两年。   10月21日17:00,警方在北辰区津围公路一家小旅店内将冯某、段某抓获。经讯问,二人交代了伙同犯罪嫌疑人王某结伙作案,在北辰区进行销赃的犯罪事实,专案组立即兵分三路将犯罪嫌疑人王某、收赃嫌疑人薛某某抓获。经审讯,该团伙交代了自今年3月份以来交叉结伙,在天津北京等地作案31起,涉案价值20余万元的犯罪事实。新报记者 张艳 通讯员 单杰政 王凯峰相关的主题文章: