Princess director of the new conference we are not bad money! (video)

"Princess" director of the new conference: we are not bad money! [Abstract] Ryoko Yoshiki, director of the promotion of the crown prince, the new work, the general said that the crew is not bad money, no longer like the princess, so poor. Sheng Yilun’s partner Ma Sichun in IP drama "general" Tencent in the entertainment news (Wen Li wheat video Wang Dong) princess "promotion" director Ryoko Yoshiki has a new work! Or a network of popular novel in 2011 occupied Jinjiang original list "click on me" in general; or Sheng Yilun play handsome woman costume masterpiece; or "full gas attack", but Zhang Tianai changed from Ma Sichun. However, the biggest change is – the crew no longer bad money! In August 25th, TV drama "in general" held in Beijing to start the press conference, you can simply use the "nouveau riche" to describe not only the producer Jin Yifei, producer and co director Ryoko Yoshiki, CO director Wen Jie, Oscar best costume design award winner Wata Emi, screenwriter Chen Shi son, male and female Yilun Sheng and Ma Sichun were present, they also repeatedly stressed: let us once gathered top resource, mustering the strength to do a real drama"! The conference and entertainment Tencent before doing creative interview broadcast live, want to review, please ent.qq star H5 jjzs.htm. Sheng Yilun Ma Sichun, the interpretation of the "moron" Iron Duke "generals." said the original party will not let down TV "in general" adapted from the orange flowers scattered in the novel "general in my next", in 2011 the original Jinjiang original click on the list, the integral works up to 241595008, far more than the same type of fiction. Ye Zhao is the female main battlefield murderous generals, called "live Yan Luo", actor Zhao Yujin in appearance than Pan An, but it really is a cynical moron princes, sex and character inversion, coupled with the turbulent state the background, let the story double charm. The conference site, starring Sheng Yilun, Ma Sichun debut, a valiant and heroic in bearing a handsome and elegant, Ryoko Yoshiki, praising them is male and female in the eyes of their own choice. In the entertainment Tencent in an interview with producer Jin Yifei will this drama as "new drama" legend ", not only immersed in love’s true love, the more a symbol of war in ancient China home countries in the world, through the characters and plot, positive energy transfer, the return to protect our homes and defend our country, and. Screenwriter Chen Shi’s more confidently said that the script was written for three years, not only the maximum reduction of the essence of the novel, but also on the basis of strengthening the story thickness, so that the whole drama is more flesh plump, never let the fans disappointed novels. 3D holographic image stunning opening ceremony: finally not bad money! An array of beautiful dance conference opening, music sound, 3D holographic images of male and female "Zhao Yujin" and "Ye Zhao" lingering appeared, a main show will be seamless fantasy and reality. Then, a group called the "plain like jade" huge poster beautifully produced, a drop from the clouds, dust and other main female male master Yi’s valiant and heroic in bearing amazing people, not only shows the crew well intentioned, also visible crew".相关的主题文章: