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UnCategorized Lets say you want to buy an MP3 player, possibly an iPod, but not sure yet. You have a budget in mind and you want to get the best deal. You want a reliable brand, maximum amount of GBs within your budget, attractive features, pictures of all these products and reviews by customers who are already using these as well as reviews experts in the field. How do you go about? There was a time I used to simply go to a search engine like Google. Imagine the number of searches you will have to make to get all the details above. The number of sites you have visit, the number of web pages you have to navigate through and the amount of notes you have to make… it can run into hundreds and can be a day’s job easily if you are really serious about the whole thing. Product .parison Sites It is this problem space that the product .parison sites offer to fill. These are the best places to find the all sorts of products (almost everything) well categorized under sections such as "Art", "Babies and Youngsters", "Health And Beauty", "Sports and Fitness", "Jewelry" "Video Games and Toys" etc. You can browse the categories and navigate to the product type you are looking for. Search Tools These sites usually have a search facility as well. If you are interested in purchasing "Apple IPod Nano", search for that phrase. You can see all the listings with price, feature details and the pictures. These listings can typically be sorted by price low to high or high to low. Cool! You can further narrow your search by specifying the price range you are looking at, like $140 to $180. The results are further refined. Very simple, easy to navigate and in a handful of clicks you can get all the information to make a decision. Listings on the product .parison sites have the hyperlinks directly to the merchants’ sites that make your ordering process much easier, once you decide on the item and the merchant. Vendors Of course, not all vendors are listed on these product .parison sites and you may need to put a little more effort to find the offers from your favorite stores (if any) and .pare them with the listings on these sites. While the product .parison sites list the products, prices features etc. They are not the sellers themselves. If you need more details, you should contact the merchant directly. Merchants typically update their prices periodically and at times the prices listed at the directory may be slightly different from the merchant’s current rates as the latest information may not yet been updated at the .parison site. It is important to check the credibility of the stores and their ratings as much as possible. While the product .parison sites take all the care to list the credible stores, there can still be some lapses. If you find a particular merchant indulging in sales practices that are not acceptable, you can always alert the .parison site’s administrators and thus help your fellow buyers. In summary, product .parison sites are the best way to choose the product that suites your budget and to zero-in on the merchant that you want to buy the product from. It saves a lot of time for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: