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UnCategorized You may be smart and intelligent however psychic scammers are getting more creative in their manipulation. You could be next. Here’s how to spot the signs that you’re being sweet-talked. This story is based on a true experience. This person asked me to share her story to protect you. I have changed her name for privacy. The Department Store Scam: Tiffany is shopping for perfume. She’s in her own world, trying different scents. She heads over to a display stand and tries to select the right shade of blush when a woman interrupts her focus. "I think that shade of pink would look great on you," said a dark haired woman dressed in casual attire. "You do?" Tiffany said, caught off guard. She picks the color the stranger suggested, even though it doesn’t feel right in her gut. "You look sad. Is everything okay?" the woman said. "Yes," Tiffany said, although she didn’t sound sure. This gave the woman confirmation that indeed Tiffany may have a weak spot. "I see your soul mate .ing to you, all will turn out well," she said. Tiffany’s heart skipped a beat. This was the best news she’d heard all day and she had been wondering only minutes before when she’d meet "The One". She softened. The woman knew now was her time to strike. "The only thing is I see you have a blockage in your heart and until you clear it, you will be alone." Tiffany’s heart crashed into her stomach. Her mind flashed forward to being 80-years-old and alone. "Oh no. What can I do?" she said. The woman smiled inside as she saw Tiffany turn white. "I’m a psychic. I can help," the woman said. "How?" Tiffany said. "I can remove the curse". "Curse?!" Tiffany said. "Yes, when it is removed you will meet your Soul Mate." "But I’m not cursed," Tiffany said. "I can see the energy block in your aura. I can remove it." The woman could see Tiffany was considering her services. "It will only cost $450.00. We should do this immediately. I can see you tomorrow for an appointment." Thankfully Tiffany regained her sense of awareness and declined a session. Her gut instinct said this woman was a fraud but she was traumatized by the woman’s words. They haunted her for the next few days. What if it were true? Was she cursed? Would she be alone forever? Her logical mind knew that she had been targeted for a scam. When we spoke I confirmed that this woman was a fraud. Tiffany explained how she’d been approached in department stores several times in the past however not in such a Machiavellian way. These psychic con artists are hanging out in shopping malls, airports, popular coffee shops and on the beach. Make sure you stay alert. If you’re approached by someone claiming to be a psychic reader and they try to solicit you in a public place tell them, "Next". Always do your research to make sure you get a reading from a reputable psychic. It’s best to get a referral. Check out their website and ask questions before you book a session so you know that they’ve got your best interests at heart. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: