Pujiang forum to add the British elements of British science and technology innovation concern jodie foster

Pujiang forum to add "British elements" innovation of science and Technology Beijing – British concern in new Shanghai on 20 September, (Zheng Yingying) after Germany, Finland, Russia and Israel, Britain became the 2016 Pujiang Innovation Forum (hereinafter referred to as the "Pujiang forum") of the host country. Reporter 20, learned from the organizers, this year, the United Kingdom will send a delegation of 150 people to participate in the forum, which, in the context of Europe, the United Kingdom on the impact of global technological innovation cooperation concern. Pujiang innovation forum was founded in 2008, China co sponsored by the Ministry of science and technology and the Shanghai Municipal People’s government, in 2016 the theme of the forum is "double drive: Science and technology innovation and system innovation mechanism, will be held in Shanghai from September 23rd to 26. The director of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Development Research Department Luo Dajin on the day of the press conference, the Pujiang forum from 2012 onwards, the creation of host country (province) mechanism, highlight the role of science diplomacy platform. This year’s guest of honor to invite the world science and technology — Britain, Britain to strengthen cooperation and innovation of science and technology Chinese very seriously, the representatives sent a very large group, nearly 150 people, from UK universities and science minister Jo Johnson and the British government chief scientific adviser and director of government office of Science Mark Walport led." Luo Dajin said, "in the UK and Europe under the background, how to deepen the innovation of science and technology forum as a link, the Sino British cooperation, will become the highlight of the forum and the issues of host country science and technology cooperation and exchange activities. This year’s guest of honor forum, the two sides of people will focus on "Innovation: creative product road" theme dialogue. In addition, this year the ninth session of the Pujiang forum for the first time, the establishment of "The Belt and Road" science and technology innovation cooperation seminar, invited to the country from Mongolia, Thailand, Laos, Africa and Chinese officials and scholars to exchange experiences, to discuss cooperation, strengthen the "Belt and Road Initiative along the country’s multilateral cooperation mechanism. (end)相关的主题文章: