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Qin Chuan village, a quiet village Huizhou [eleven] – special tourism Sohu located in Zhejiang Province, Sichuan Qin ancient dwellings in Western Chunan County Lang Chuan Xiang Qin Chuan Cun, Wanning public Wang from the ancestor of Qin moved to Sichuan, now has 700 years of history, and has been continuously maintained close in traditional. Located at the entrance to the village, with a history of 510 years old camphor tree, quietly waiting for the small village. The village has two trees 510 years old camphor tree, there is a clear look not so good, the trunk has withered. Although the tree has been 510 years old, but still looks a wild profusion of vegetation. This one is not so good. Some villagers in the village to sell fruit, and when the estate of wild fish. The village of brook clean, has become a good place in the village of washing vegetables. Occasionally, the river can be seen, flocks of ducks and geese, leisurely tour. The village built by the river, is a typical Huizhou ancient village, the whole village with the bridges of ancient houses as the main characteristics, especially the part of the building is exquisite ancient buildings in a richly ornamented building, the. The village has about 300 ancient residential buildings, including building the Ming Dynasty 2, the rest for the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of the building. Is well preserved in the Ming and Qing Dynasties Anhui ancient residence there are more than and 60 buildings and four seat hall. Do you know what the villagers pick? It’s probably a fertilizer. The little dog in the village is lying leisurely, as if pondering what? The children in the village are so simple that they can see me holding the camera to them, some smiling, some shy hiding behind their sister. The village children are always so cute, with the city’s children always have a different temperament. The whole village is slightly belt shaped from the northwest to the southeast about one kilometer East-West River, from the village to the village village foot will be divided into two halves from the top of the hill overlooking the village formed a "King" character of Qin Chuan village founder Wang Ying along the river, the early Song Dynasty by the Confucian moved to the bottom of its sub adult Yueshan. After the Qin Chuan Cun Yue moved to the end of the village, there a large number of ancient houses built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, accounted for about 60%. In the village saw first frame on the river on an angle of four Alice bridges, written on the exterior walls mottled wall "dazhai". There are two doors at either end of the bridge, to the left into the right, for traffic on the river by arch support. The bridge village is called the pouring bridge. The middle of the top log prominent, cornices, imposing, kiosks and beam with hengbian words, "German industry Liufang", written on the walls of the Southern Song Dynasty poet Lu Fangweng poem "mountains multiply and streams double back no doubt, There is a way out". Destruction in the cultural revolution. According to the textual research into the bridge, built in the Qing Dynasty Tongzhi years amyl. Once the primary school, has now become a home for the villagers, and now fewer and fewer children, schools have been unable to afford. A large area of the village planted sweet corn, can be seen everywhere. And pepper. Xiamen Airlines style photography.相关的主题文章: