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Radar abnormal flight ganqiang later reported a first page – Sohu be unbearable to contemplate Military Channel: radar abnormal air grab newspaper [Abstract] Air Force Radar Brigade radar operator Liu Weixiu on duty on the radar screen, some space discovered a echo highlight, which is the abnormal air situation, he quickly grabbed the first report point. Another on screen an echo highlight still could not escape the eyes of Liu Weixiu, he quickly determine the target for the abnormal air situation, and immediately reported. After the briefing, if found in a timely manner, then a few minutes later, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Liu Weixiu joined the army for 13 years, have 6 kinds of radar operation and maintenance skills, to participate in the preparation of textbooks, is the "top ten brigade Aijun Jingwu pacesetter"; and was awarded a third-prize outstanding army sergeant Talent Award, was named "national border and coastal defense work advanced individual", "Army learning good person"; because of the timely found from the disposal of more than abnormal air situation, awarded a first, two class, three class of all 1…… The picture shows Liu Weixiu in serious trouble shooting radar. North of a training base for the auditorium, more than 500 officers at all levels of neatly seated. As the soldiers training classroom only teach people, Liu Weixiu firmly to the podium, a turn, agile standard salute. Large screen display: Liu Weixiu, the central theater Air Radar Brigade radar operator, for disposal to discover many abnormal air situation, awarded a first, two class, three class of all 1…… The sergeant had finished, the applause. From the head of the Department, the Division brigade battalion officers, have voted to praise eyes: This is the study of war can win the war, soldiers! Let a sergeant to the officers of teaching, this is the first time. But in the eyes of Liu Weixiu, this class is not unfamiliar, from the military organs to battalion scheduling, he heard the report has reached tens of thousands of people, but every appearance always set off different waves, sometimes even with a strong smell of smoke. One day in 12013, Liu Weixiu on duty. Radar screen, hundreds of sesame seeds big bright spots dazzling. His eyes wide, transport means flying eagle, like the target – "capture pounced on the hare". The passage of time hidden in the quiet silence, murder. Suddenly, a space a echo highlight, came into his sight. "This echo is not normal!" Liu Weixiu sat up straight. Time to go, the radar in the turn, Liu Weixiu’s mind flashed contrast, speed and judgment of a series of sparks. Baseline Saowan second laps, Liu Weixiu came to the conclusion: This is the abnormal situation. Urgent, Liu Weixiu quickly grab the first point. Extended reading: Radar: the sky did not miss a sea bird did not miss a straw PLA by mysterious weapon artillery radar accuracy increased significantly (Figure) page second: superior said later a talk about the army for thirteen years be unbearable to contemplate the feelings, Liu Weixiu smiled and told reporters: "just when the Army Air force, that is when the pilot, did not expect to be assigned to the radar troops, was also a little disappointed." But this "disappointment" did not affect Liu Weixiu, through thirteen years of hard work and effort, he has been recognized as a soldier in the army". The picture is Liu Weixiu. A bit of discovery, all.相关的主题文章: