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[recommended] a little bowl "" small "picture will always reach the end point of walking – Sohu today mother a little bowl for recommend is the famous British picture book writer Simon · James’s" small step walk ". The story begins with a small duck with a low head and a focus on the cover. The background is not too much to explain, people are curious about where to go duck? Why has he been saying "one small step"? With questions, let’s start reading the story. "We got lost!" Duck big brother said. "We’ll find the way soon!" The brother said. "I want my mother……" The little duck said in a whisper. "My feet are so sour." Eldest brother said: "you have a small step to go?" "What is that?" Asked the little duck. "Look," said the elder brother. "Lift your feet up…… ‘one’ in his mouth." The duckling followed." "Go ahead, and then read the small step."!" The duckling followed: "little step." "Then, change your feet, one more time." Eldest brother said. The little duck asked, "may I practice?" "You learn!" Eldest brother said. "From now on, we’ll give you a small step." The brother said. "A small step"…… Small step……" Until…… He looked up and saw many tall trees. "It’s over!" He said, "my feet are sour." Eldest brother asks: "did you forget ‘one small step’?" "Yeah, I really forgot." Small step. "I try again. One…… Small step, um!" "One small step…… Small step……" Read the small step. At last they came out of the woods, and there was a river under the hill. The brother said: "over the fields we arrived." "I can’t walk that far," said the small step." "We’ll be there soon," said the elder brother. "Go on!" "One small step…… One small step…… One small step……" Read the small step. Walk through the fields…… Catch up with my brother…… Through the trees…… Come to the ground. "Mom, it’s you!" Small step shout. "Oh, baby!" Mother said. "Children!" "Hi! Mom, "said the two," I’m so glad to see you." Take you to the river. He stopped at the shore. "Mom, do you know my new name?" He asked. "I’m a little step!" After that, small step into the water. The little bowl then allows the child to the mother, "small walk" can have a happy time and children walking, have the opportunity to fully experience the mothers and children grow up with unique happiness…… Sometimes, we think that the ideal is very far, go halfway has no choice but to give up exhausted. In fact, that we are too greedy to the desired results anxious. When we are tired, but still far away from the target, as long as the slow down the script; as long as still willing to take a small step相关的主题文章: