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Riding on the Sanya Bay Tourism Sohu – offbeat morning follow old children bicycle, starting from the Gulf of Sanya, the entire 17 kilometers after break, a new Sanya, not for a long time do not ride, was able to easily complete this a nice ride. I am not a professional rider, not even amateur, in addition to a child as a means of transport, it seems that riding is not particularly high on the sport. But this time enough high-end, an American lightning close to 50 thousand of the value of the bike, whether it is the weight of the bike itself, or the feeling of riding, compared to the previous feel good. The morning sun is, from the urban areas along the sea go west, along the way there are already a lot of people in the roadside exercise, walking, travel and photo shoot, wedding dress. For the wedding, Sanya is a paradise, and Maldives have a spell, but due to different geopolitical relations we have some different views on Sanya, but all the way to see a comforting, the first encounter is a photograph, portrait bestie this time, so brilliant years, is really the best time frame the. Riding and walking in the Gulf of Sanya this road, in fact, a little closer to the Gulf of Sanya, the road usually rarely go, but now the way riding, close contact to the ear, the wind blows, smell a faint taste salty, with a shade of green, very comfortable. Never once thought in Sanya will be riding a bike along the way to go, has been from the original bicycle, motorcycle, car unceasing change, from the perspective of life more convenient, but also gradually away from the original color and the original feeling. They also have a bike, but never ride so far, there are all kinds of excuses, such as the sun, too hot and so on, in fact, as the experience of the perspective, this is a very leisurely and comfortable activity, in this climate, the city public transport is not perfect, ride slowly seemed to be able to see offbeat scenery. When approaching the end point, people gradually scarce, but the environment is better, but the beach area is very wide, here to shoot the wedding of many people, in order to leave the classical moment, there are a lot of poses to pose for a long time, in fact, this sweet, many years later, will be more memorable. In this area, the beach is also a foreigner, most Russians, on the beach, the sea, posture million, full of expression from the cold to warm winter Siberia after the surprise, this love, is a lot of people do not understand. Although the final destination, not how many difficulties, but also a lot of experience. In the book the lane No. 83 Meida fragrance seafood processing shop called seafood, too hot to eat, so did not return to ride, go to the destination. Riding is a sport, make you more to health; riding is a kind of idea, let you find another scenery in life; riding, sometimes to slow down the fast life, and don’t know too far behind, but can closely with their desire to continue to move forward. Author of the original I相关的主题文章: