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Travel-and-Leisure Best Restaurants at Rome Hotels One of the most amazing benefits of Rome hotels is their scrumptious restaurant menus. If you are the fan of Mediterranean food, you have to visit La Pergola at the Calvieri Hilton. For a love-filled dinner, choose a secluded table at the Sapori del Lord Byron Restaurant at the Hotel Lord Byron to make the night perfect. Hotel Hassler offers Imago, the roof top restaurant with an exhilarating view of Roma. La Terrazza offers nothing short of intercontinental cuisine for its guests at Hotel Eden. Piazza del Popolo also houses Dal Bolognese, the best tasting Bolognese restaurant in town. Plus the fact that celebrities visit the area eyes are stuffed as well. Enjoy dining at the same spot where Frank Sinatra and Liz Taylor used to sit at Caf de Paris in Via Veneto. If you have a big family, take your kids at Ristorante Il Matriciano located at Via dei Gracchi 55. Ristorante del Pallaro at Largo de Pallaro 15 is the least expensive restaurant that you can go to at only $20 per head but with a $100 worth of quality food. Whatever you need, Rome restaurants and its hotels can provide. Great Quality Rome Hotels With over 240 superior rooms made in imported inner furnishings and costly light effects just to make the room fabulously cozy, Visconti Palace Hotel is among of the largest hotels in Rome with 4 Stars in review ratings. More importantly, it is also a hotel built for the family man bring your kids with you and the hotel staff will surely offer you a family bonding time. If you want to be left alone and spend everything youve got, go to Duke Hotel. I Duchi, the hotels restaurant is serving low-fat dishes for those who embrace healthy living. Marcello Piacentini, a celebrated architect in Italy, sketched the 94 wondrous rooms in Boscolo Palace Hotel. Adorned with life-size art pieces like Frescoes of Guido Cadorin, the hotel emanates a retro theme. Rose Garden Palace belongs to the premium Rome Hotels category. Ancient and contemporary Rome blends into one to create a certain unique style in all the 59 hotel rooms. Even while on vacation, the hotel has an exercise center named Oasi to assist the physical fitness needs of the guests. You can also call for a masseuse if you desire. If you have the cash, these great quality hotels will give you your moneys worth. The Beauty of Cheap Rome Hotels You just have to accept the fact that not everyone has the capacity to check in at lavish Rome Hotels even if they wanted to. Then, we have to find ways on where to stay that are low-priced. Albergo Del Sole Al Biscione offers a room for 90 Euros a night for an ancient Rome environment and breathtaking view of the city. Albergo Del Sole Al Biscione was once a house 500 years ago before it was made to what it is now. Another cheap suite can be found at Hotel Beehive in Via Marghera 8 with a very lovely mini flower garden to please the nature lover in you. They have an organic and vegetarian caf at 75 Euros per room, isnt it a paradise?If you like to travel all over the world but keep feeling that youre at hole, small and cozy hotel Antico Borgo di Trastevere located at Vicolo del Buco 7, with total of 12 guest rooms is more like an inn of the 19th Century perfect for you. The Nobility of Rome Hotels Being in a holiday means you would love to try anything out of the ordinary. Vacationers know that Rome was once governed by Imperialistic leaders; that is why tourists want to be called Your Majesty even for a day. The three most visited Royal-connected Rome Hotels are Hotel Splendide Royal, Grand Hotel De La Minerve and Regina Baglioni Hotel. These are all accredited 5-Star Hotels with Imperial history. Hotel Splendide Royal used to be a palace for the Roman Maronite .munity and was renovated for over a year and made into what it is today a haven for those who are quasi-royal. Grand Hotel De La Minerve was built in 1620 for the noble Fonseca Family which later became a palace-like hotel in the 18th Century. Because of that, sovereigns from all over Europe reside at the palace whenever they are in Rome. Regina Baglioni Hotel was once a home for Queen Margherita of Savoy while she was waiting for Palazzo Margherita to be built. She chose the name Regina for the hotel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: