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Business Internet marketing is not exactly simple. People that are Internet savvy tend to believe that websites need to have a lot of keyword rich content but this is not necessarily the case. Copy needs to have a flow, provide useful information, and be readable. It should not have a bunch of keywords slapped in all over the place. Content is KING! Many of us have limited time and cannot be troubled to write the articles that will sell what our company has to offer. Also, many of us simply do not have the necessary skills. There is no need to go reinventing the wheel, so here are four simple tips to help you with your web content. One: Humorous Quotes are Always a Good Idea Maybe you should think about creating a web page solely dedicated to humorous quotes. This is great way to drive traffic to your site but many overlook it. Books such as "Great Quotes from Great Leaders", by Peg Anderson can be used as a resource. Or, try just typing in some quotes you already know into a search engine to find other websites already dedicated to quotes. Set aside some time to research "what’s" available, until you find just the right quote. Copy and paste, or contract someone to write the quotations for you into a single web page. Include a link to your company’s website, and watch how fast your site grows in popularity. 2.Internet Articles It is rare for online copyright laws to be enforced so feel free to copy text, rewrite, and ultimately sell the material you locate. Pouring money into a copyright website is often not practical for a small business. However, at the end of the day, you do win. It is often simpler to research a topic and rewrite copy than to do everything on your own. Material can be used as a source for your own articles, but it is both illegal and unethical to steal. Three: Directory Pages are Your Friend The directory of information available on the Internet has contributed greatly to its popularity. People are always trying to find information on home improvement, self- improvement, recipes and all kinds of products or services. Every time they click on a link they get that much closer to what they are searching for. You would probably generate more traffic than you could imagine by adding a directory page to your site. Including a directory means that your site is up there next to the search engine directories. Your site is also more likely to be added as a bookmark so people are likely to pay a return visit. Naturally, it would not do for you to lead surfers away from your own site. That is why you want to add links to sites that are not in competition with you and this will in turn increase traffic. 4.Free Content The BIGGEST TIME SAVER you can use is "other people’s material". Stop wasting valuable time writing, when thousands of writers are begging you to use their articles and e-books. With online directories, it is easy to find authors that want to help you market your website. Internet authors are there to assist you, providing that you give credit where credit is due. Check out .arciticlecity … for example. Sharing links or adding a credit link works. In the end, you will have a fully operational site in far less time and with less hassle. Keywords and content are vital for success but why worry about them yourself when people with far more experience are willing to provide it to you at lightning speed? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: