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Samsung differentiated recall: compensation for Chinese users for half of Samsung, South Korea is still Note7 battery fire door incident aftermath. October 13th, Samsung Electronics and the American Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the recall of all Samsung Galaxy Note7 products sold in the United States, the scale reached 1 million 900 thousand. So far, CPSC Statistics said, Galaxy Note7 products have occurred in the United States 96 battery fire accident. Surging news reporter learned from Samsung news announcement, according to CPSC approved the U.S. Note 7 recall program, all Galaxy Note 7 devices can refund or buy other Samsung smart phones. US consumers can choose one in two ways, from the beginning at 3 pm EST on October 13th, Note 7 returns: first, if users choose to exchange for other types of intelligent mobile phone Samsung brand, will receive a maximum of $100 coupon. The second option is, if the user returns a full refund, or to buy other brands of smart phones, then you can get a total of $25 coupons. These two policies are clearly superior to the policy of giving back to Chinese consumers. In October 11th, Samsung launched the Note 7 recall plan in mainland china. According to the state quality inspection administration official website disclosure, Samsung (China) investment company limited to the State Quality Inspection Administration filed a recall plan, the decision since October 11, 2016, recall sales in mainland Chinese all SM-N9300 Galaxy Note 7 digital mobile phone, a total of 190984 units (including the September 14, 2016 announcement for the first time the recall of 1858 sets of products). And there are two specific ways of recall, one is free for consumers to replace other brand new Samsung mobile phone, and refund the difference between the two products, gift shopping vouchers 300 yuan; two is in accordance with the original purchase price full refund, while recycling products. That is to say, the Chinese consumers who choose the first way will get 300 yuan discount, but the American consumers who choose the same way enjoy the preferential price of 100 US dollars, which is equivalent to 670 yuan rmb. And the Chinese consumers who choose the second recall methods have only refunds, no more compensation, and the American consumers can get about 168 yuan compensation. Not only the United States, Samsung’s recall policy in South Korea is obviously superior to china. In South Korea, Note7 S7, Galaxy Galaxy the user if the replacement of Note5 intelligent mobile phone Samsung brand value, can enjoy up to 100 thousand won concessions, equivalent to about 595 yuan, return or replacement of the intelligent mobile phone of another company can get the value of 30 thousand won coupons, equivalent to 198 yuan. More exciting content, welcome to pay attention to WeChat public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).

三星差别化召回:对中国用户补偿为美韩一半三星还在为Note7电池起火门事件善后。美国当地时间10月13日,三星电子与美国消费产品安全委员会(CPSC)宣布召回在美国销售的全部三星Galaxy Note7产品,规模达到190万部。至此,CPSC统计称,Galaxy Note7产品已经在美国发生96起电池起火事故。澎湃新闻记者从三星电子发布的新闻公告上获悉,按CPSC批准的美国Note 7召回项目方案,所有Galaxy Note 7设备都可以退款或者换购其他三星智能手机。美国消费者可以在两种方式中选择其一,从美东时间10月13日下午3时开始,进行Note 7的退货:第一,用户如果选择换取三星品牌其他型号的智能手机,将获得最高100美元的优惠劵。第二种选择是,如果用户全额退款,或换购其他品牌的智能手机,那么总计可以获得25美元的优惠券。这两项政策明显都要优于给予中国消费者的找回政策。10月11日,三星在中国大陆启动Note 7召回计划。据国家质检总局官网披露,三星(中国)投资有限公司向国家质检总局备案了召回计划,决定自2016年10月11日起,召回在中国大陆地区销售的全部SM-N9300 Galaxy Note 7数字移动电话机,共计190984台(包含2016年9月14日公告首次召回的1858台产品)。而具体的召回方式同样有两种,一是,免费为消费者更换为其他型号全新三星手机,并退还两个产品之间的差价,赠送购物券300元;二是按照原购买价格全额退款,同时回收产品。也就是说,选择第一种方式的中国消费者将获得300元人民币的优惠,但选择同样方式的美国消费者享受的优惠为100美元,相当于670元人民币。而选择第二种召回方式的中国消费者,只有退款,没有更多的补偿,美国消费者则可以获得约等于168元人民币的补偿。不只是美国,三星在韩国推出的召回政策也明显比中国优越。在韩国, Note7用户如果更换Galaxy S7、Galaxy Note5等三星品牌智能手机,最多可享受价值达10万韩元的优惠,折合人民币约595元,退货或更换另一家公司智能手机可获得价值达3万韩元的优惠券,折合人民币198元。更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章: