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Samsung Note7 is very good but there is a problem embarrassing Tencent digital hearing (Wen Xin), according to the Washington Post website reported that Galaxy Note 7 is the latest Samsung Galaxy Note series tablet phone family. Samsung to the Washington Post provides a Galaxy Note 7 for evaluation use. Overall, this phone is very beautiful appearance, and strong processing power. But its superior price could scare some users. Samsung mobile phone display is famous for its stunning, Galaxy Note 7 is no exception. Deep black background and bright colors make it possible to display bright images although sometimes less natural. 5.7 inches display is very large, very comfortable with the video. Even with large size display screen, Galaxy Note 7 in the hands do not feel heavy. I’m not tall, although the single hand held Galaxy Note 7 when I touch the top of the screen, but do not feel heavy. Its call quality and overall audio performance is excellent. Note 7 battery life is equivalent to Galaxy S7. Before writing the manuscript, I tried the Note 7 time is not long enough, so it is difficult to judge the accuracy of the above statement. But I think that the normal use of the model Note 7 battery adhere to a day no problem. However, if the user is running high energy applications – such as playing Pokemon Go game, may still want to bring the charger. Washington Post said, similar to the previous Galaxy Note series, Note 7 can use Samsung charging board for wireless charging. It also supports the "fast charging" mode, in a very short period of time into a considerable part of the electricity. However, a major difference with the previous model is that Note 7 using USB-C interface charger. The advantage of this charger is that the user can be inserted into the phone, will not plug. One of its disadvantages is that users can not use Samsung’s other device charging line on Note 7 charging. Note 7 also uses waterproof design. I put my cell phone into the sink and use it under water (even with a stylus) without any impact. I do not recommend users to use Note 7 under water. If the charging interface is damp, it will display the alarm information. However, even if the phone accidentally fell into the water, the user does not need to panic. Iris scanner Note 7 is a new feature of iris scanner. To activate the iris scanner, the user must slide the finger up the lock screen. When facing the eyes scanning, a LED light shining — but there is no need to worry, it will not blind users. Although I wear contact lenses and glasses, Note 7 iris scan also no problem, but the time will be a little longer with the eye scan, but still faster than the input password. Note 7 requires the user to input the password as a backup security method. Is iris scanner better than fingerprint scanner? To be frank, not necessarily. The iris scanner is good, but the fingerprint scanner is equally good. Note 7 is a newspaper相关的主题文章: