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Scenic selling incense why fall into "by teaching enrichment" vortex? A platform at the Tianmenshan Mountain in Zhangjiajie to set up a censer. (source: surging news photography: Xing Bingyin  ); Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan Mountain is set on the sale price of 9 fragrant incense, to 699 yuan. (source: surging news photography: Xing Bingyin  ); Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan Mountain incense is about 2 meters high, from time to time there are visitors incense worship. (source: surging news, photography: Xing Bingyin) Zhangjiajie 5A scenic spot Tianmenshan Mountain national Forest Park in the name of blessing, selling incense to tourists. In October 4th, the reporter saw in Tianmenshan Mountain, the foot platform placed a censer, scenic staff selling incense to tourists in the surrounding, the price of 9 to 699 yuan. A master said, the area of non religious activities, are not allowed to worship and religious blessing and other related activities, selling incense behavior by teaching enrichment. (October 5th surging News) eleven golden week is still in progress, the major attractions of the event since do not have much to say. Occurred in the scenic area of the news, but also one after another. The young couple the Great Wall lettering storm continues on the Zhangjiajie 5A scenic Tianmenshan Mountain national Forest Park to tourists selling incense and triggered public hot. Then, in the Tourism Festival set a flagrant sale price from 9 cm, to 699 yuan of incense, is in line with the provisions of the state, a reasonable economic behavior by the government, or in the stage of "religious stage, economic singing" of the story? Whether it is for the religious culture that is not allowed to profane, or to spend money to pray for the consumer groups, this problem must have a result. Religious culture, the most important thing is the pious. But in recent years, with the economic activities related to religion, many phenomena to some extent hurt the feelings of the masses. For example, some non religious activities of illegal religious merit box set, collect donations, and even coerced believers and tourists, cheat money, to teach at some profit; scenic area of the temple, there is a strong pull or inducing tourists and believers take high burn incense, from things draw divination etc.. These by teaching enrichment phenomenon, in fact, is a purely commercial profit behavior. At the foot of Tianmenshan Mountain is set to tourists selling incense, incense, naturally easy for people’s health concerns. If it complies with the law, local regulations in nature do not have too much blame for this kind of economic behavior in the "cloak of religion", also can only comment on an emotional level. But the problem is not scenic sites for religious activities, but also non Buddhist mountains, and super fire area, prayer and religious activities as incense, compliance must be controversial. Even if the staff said, "we are the authorized area, and we are after approval before they set incense". What is the "special zone"? After the approval of the Department? Is it really in line with national regulations? These doubts are subject to further verification, the staff’s argument can be presented as evidence". Another issue raised public concern, that is, the price range of the sale of incense. From the past, a variety of astronomical events can be seen in the "price tag" seems to have become some independent sellers.相关的主题文章: