Self cultivation of a jacket

A jacket of the "self cultivation" lead: into the early winter season, it is in one of the year’s best season we can play dress collocation imagination and creation of space in our childhood, parents in the lost years: it looks like "three layer three layer, the texture is testing your collocation I dress collocation skill and choice, a all-match leather jacket will follow us to edit the selected together imagination for the early winter wear more expectation. (from: GQ) jacket self-cultivation of the outfit to talk about how to entry stage jacket collocation "three layer the three layer" dress rules entry-level, try to open your wardrobe to a circle tour. Even lazy additions to their clothes Indoorsman level on weekdays, the cabinet will not believe little cowboy shirts and hooded sweaters so mediocre combination of clothing. Wear Dior Homme demonstration cortex Zip Jacket sweater Sandro denim shirt Levi ‘s is the two seemingly mediocre clothes stacked outfit, and a high sense of self-cultivation leather jacket, the visual effect is showing a better overlap texture, have stronger plasticity as a style in future. Jacket self-cultivation of the outfit promotion stage that coincidentally, then we have to use the same piece of leather jacket for our daily collocation bring more imagination and create unlimited space. After all, every man in the usual life can not only have a single side, different style of clothing can also rely on a jacket for the "classic" to bring more possibilities. The installation base business combination outfit Dior Homme collar jacket zipper demonstration leather buckle shirt Ermenegildo Zegna Sandro Burberry Prorsum high necked sweater pants suit tie shoes Roberto Cavalli shirt and slim trousers seem not too fresh, and in its ride on a high necked sweater after completely visually showing a different in the experience, and the jacket texture contrast to set tough look punchline. Wear dark plaid jacket zipper demonstration leather tooling pants were Dior Homme received Lacoste Burberry Prorsum sports shoes Hoody work, we need more daily wearing more comfortable, and get comfortable at the same time not less on the collocation of ornamental, wearing shoes and not comfortable to experience body any bondage Hoodie Jacket and can still combine excellent mix of texture. Jacket self-cultivation of the outfit sublimation stage life we must always keep their cautious and conservative style collocation style single, try to choose different style and styles of clothing items to create belong to your own collocation experience, is to enhance self cultivation "outfit".相关的主题文章: