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Self – not stupid, but also high-tech – Sohu technology self – timer (Selfie), is currently shooting the most popular trend in the sector – none. Some people will think this is a trend, there is also anecdotal analysis and self narcissism (narcissism) button on the relationship. But no matter what kind of thing is the self timer, it actually witnessed the changes in science and technology, science and technology also promote the development of self culture. Self, no public imagination simple when you think that self just ignorant teenage stuff, in fact, to take a level of self portrait, a point not easy. "Self" is completely contrary to the common sense of normal shooting: shooting was based on "shooting" and "shot opposites", but "self" has subverted the opposition (below), itself is a contradictory proposition. Because of the opposite position of the shot and the photograph, the two sides must have a certain distance. However, their own self and photographed, theoretical distance close to zero, so in most cases, the self is easy to put the whole picture completely occlusion, can not tolerate other background; if you want to travel and attractions photo, or a collective self in the activities, you will find it very difficult to view. Try this: the most famous in the history of self – Ellen DeGeneres from the camera in the 2014 Oscar awards, the truth is that one star must face twisted together, otherwise it will be out of the picture, the stars will lose the historic moment. Secondly, at present, most of the cameras are based on the face of the photographer, the back of the camera was taken on the design and never consider the operation of the self timer environment. So in the case of the self, the camera’s viewfinder to shoot back, don’t say the focus, composition, even to determine the camera when expression is not easy. In addition, most of the camera operation button also back to the self, self even when pressing the shutter is not easy, let alone to adjust the details. Because of the variety of self is not easy, resulting in our self the awkward posture. Do not say in public self strange appearance, light self to the arm to think out, carefully adjust the composition and operation, then your hard and awkward expression, because your perspective and arms, will inevitably be photographed. Old self timer Technology: self timer and sports cameras, however, the self timer for ordinary users is still a huge demand. So humans have been looking for the best method of self. Since the camera after the publication of the earliest self "technology", is a three foot in the distance, with self reciprocal function, or infrared remote control to self. But this way is not convenient, not good control. Therefore, later became a single three foot tripod…… Is the traditional self timer rod (below). Although according to Wikipedia’s information, the first official commercialization of the self timer, is the 1983 Minolta Disc-7 camera; but when the camera is still相关的主题文章: