Shandong Province, the first humane slaughter a chicken – Sohu to consider the feelings of news

Shandong Province, the first "humane slaughter": a chicken to consider the feelings of Sohu news broiler slaughter can no longer "willful", but before slaughter to make it feel comfortable, without fear and stress. The day before, College of food science and engineering, Qingdao Agricultural University professor Sun Jingxin presided over the local standards of Shandong province "the slaughter broiler welfare technology standard" by the quality supervision department of Shandong Province approved the release, this is also the first national standards on broiler welfare slaughtering industry. Welfare slaughter is not only humane, but also good for the improvement of the quality of the welfare of slaughtered chicken is slaughtered in front of the slaughter and slaughter, how to adapt to their environment, to meet their basic natural needs. Science has proved that if the chickens feel comfortable, free to express their nature and are free from pain, fear and pressure, they will meet their welfare needs. Poultry in Shandong province innovation team of modern agricultural technology system processing and quality inspection posts of scientists, food science and engineering, Qingdao Agricultural University Sun Jingxin introduced in the meat processing industry, the welfare of poultry slaughter process by more and more countries and organizations concerned. On the other hand, it is also the need to improve the quality of products effectively. Aiming at the key problems of quality and safety of broiler slaughter in the process, the main research team of Nanjing Agricultural University meat Sun Jingxin Institute and provincial backbone meat enterprises conducted years of research, the key to capture the best capture tools, broiler fasting and transport parameters, pre slaughter rest room design, hanging style, chicken stun a process a series of technical difficulties, to develop the "technical specification of broiler welfare slaughter". Norms mentioned in the arrest, transportation, handling, etc., to take measures to reduce stress. The arrest should be used when the trap or chicken wings with both hands, not only catch the wings or legs, no drag; the transport process is not more than 3 hours, but also pay attention to temperature and health; to convalesce before slaughter, to install the chest plate touch, make chicken get to rely on friction and help to keep quiet; slaughter when the gas must pass the "stunning", to lose consciousness. The past welfare slaughter nowhere, China chicken into the international market which Professor Sun Jingxin introduced, Shandong province is the first large-scale introduction of broiler intensive modern farming provinces. At present, the number of broiler breeding in Shandong province accounted for more than 20%, ranking first in the country; the number of chicken exports accounted for half of the country, the area has obvious advantages. The structure of Shandong Province in poultry meat industry output accounted for more than 40%, is the only one of the poultry production more than pork production provinces, the most close to the developed countries (such as the United States) poultry output level. China’s broiler processing industry started late, the slaughter is not mature enough, especially the slaughter welfare level is not high, lack of technical standard in management, product quality and safety control before slaughter, lead to different degrees of stress occurred during broiler slaughter processing, microbial pollution, congestion and chicken wing bones, a large proportion of chicken meat PSE high occurrence rate, water retention and color difference, no benefits to slaughter broilers during early processing,.相关的主题文章: