Shanghai single youth marriage survey Men’s heavy appearance female character

Shanghai single youth marriage survey: male female appearance heavy character original title: "marriage survey" singles released the Shanghai morning news reporter Chen Liyu "Shanghai single youth marriage survey released yesterday". According to the survey, 70% of men want the other half of their age to be no more than the age of 5, while more than half of women are at least 5 years of age. In addition, the five elements of men consider first in love are: appearance, personality, habits, age, family background; the five elements of female first consideration are: personality, appearance, economic conditions, living habits, potential ability. "3S lady" is a social phenomenon as a pseudo proposition "3S lady" has attracted more and more attention, various kinds of activities related to this topic, more and more. However, the survey data showed an unexpected conclusion: "3S lady" is a false proposition. According to the Shanghai population data in March 2016, the proportion of unmarried men and women aged 18 -40 years of age was 53.24:46.76, single men were significantly higher than single women, the results of the sixth census also supports this data in Shanghai. Why social hot spots will be "3S lady" instead of "men"? The survey for the single young men and women aged 18 -40 years old in Shanghai City, a total of more than 1 thousand people. Online publishing is fully open, and the proportion of men and women under the line of the channel is nearly the same, but the recovery of the questionnaire, only 29.96% of men, women accounted for about 70.04%, the proportion of men and women is roughly 3:7. Experts pointed out that men are far less concerned about the topic of marriage. The science and engineering of treatment is also different from men and women in science and engineering, Polytechnic male is "xiangbobo", and Gongnv everywhere snub. Data show that the Polytechnic male are labeled "simple" and "reliable" and "hard work" and "simple life" label, many single girls are looking for "flexible Polytechnic male", instead of single young men said, "science and poor communication, ideological differences". The survey found, and dealing with people occupation, the interpersonal circle, universal love experience is rich; and those dealing with the tools of technology occupation, the interpersonal circle is narrow, generally less love experience. Technology R & D personnel this group of love experience for 1 times and below accounted for 60.83%, of which 15.83% said he has no love experience. The consulting group, 80.96% of respondents said they had more than 2 love experience, including more than 4 times and love experience accounted for about 14.29%. Low EQ in love is flawed in the survey found that for the other half of the request, boys and girls are generally unwilling to accept the low EQ of the opposite sex, especially focus on the spirit of the exchange of women, more reluctant to the other half is a dull nerd". Data show that 72.41% of men and 88.2% of women said they can not accept the other half of the emotional intelligence is too low. In addition, in the survey, 77.18% of respondents said that in the process of mate selection will be 7相关的主题文章: