Shanxi small village poverty alleviation 8 people in 1 big ass getting thin didadi

Shanxi small village poverty alleviation 8 people in 1 big ass getting thin original title: eight people a donkey a sheep, a poor village road around the embarrassment of poverty alleviation to increase poverty alleviation efforts, great changes have taken place in many poor villages. But there are also some poor village poverty alleviation "mess" in the implementation, resulting in precise poverty not to fall". Reporters learned that some of the situation in Shanxi County of Loufan Province Du Shi Kawamura recently. The "big pot" can alleviate poverty? The stone Kawamura village has 148 483 people, "participatory poverty households with 63 households and 224 people. Village Party branch secretary Zhang Aiping recently told reporters that helping the poor sector of the two batch of projects, basically no effect. In 2012, Loufan county poverty alleviation department to support single stone Kawamura donkey out of poverty. The village with 500 thousand yuan allocated to buy 60 donkey. Help the donkey to buy back, how to become a matter of worry. "More people and fewer donkeys, who can not be less than that, and finally only 8 people a donkey, partnership." Zhang Aiping said. The villagers told reporters, 8 people raise a donkey, like a monk to lift the water to eat, the results of the more the more the more thin donkey, and finally did not have to sell all the money, and so on, direct money. Only the poor stone Kawamura precise identification, the village of poor households are full of expectations. In 2015, Loufan county poverty alleviation department and support a single stone sheep project Kawamura 500 thousand yuan. The village from Liaoning Gaizhou bought 555 high-quality cashmere goat, hope through breeding and selling cashmere poverty. But the sheep to buy back, poor households are disappointed: the village is according to the head of 1 people, a sheep, and the remaining 6 points a. Poor horse, the family of 5 people to 5 sheep. This is precisely the poverty alleviation?" Ma Yuesheng could not understand how long it took him to sell all 5 sheep. When the villagers sell sheep, Zhang Aiping does not live in the village and the villagers sighed: "the signing of the contract agreement can only breed can not sell, can be divided into some villagers sheep on the same day to sell, stay stopped, 555 poor sheep now only more than and 100." Expensive to buy, cheap sell Loufan county poverty Alleviation Office, a responsible person said, this practice does not deviate from the average distribution of the spirit of precise poverty alleviation, but not uncommon in the grassroots. Poor households are not absolute, if only to poor households do not give non poor households, prone to conflict, the policy can not be implemented, the masses will petition, only Pratt & whitney." The responsible person said. Whether it is helping the poor or poor sheep, are expensive to buy cheap, not only can not help the poor, but also a waste of funds for poverty alleviation. Reporters learned that last year alone Shi He Cun buy "poverty sheep" RAM only 1400 yuan, only 900 yuan a ewe, but the villagers only when the sheep sell, the price is far lower than the price when purchased. Ma Yuesheng told reporters, 5 sheep, he was assigned to the forty or fifty pounds of weight, average one sold 200 yuan, now the sheep do not earn money, raise their own delay time, find someone on behalf of selling sheep can only afford to pay wages, can not sell?" The villagers reflected that some poor households do not have the conditions to raise sheep. The stone Kawamura Wu Yugui home Jun poverty相关的主题文章: