Shanxi two suspects fraud more than more than 10 college students have been arrested more than 200 y

More than 10 Shanxi university students two suspects fraud more than 200 yuan has been arrested – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Taiyuan August 30th news (reporter Hu Jingguo, Wang Jinghuai) 30, reporters from the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau was informed that the Shanxi Jinzhong City Campus uncovered fraud, more than 200 students have been identified involving more than 10 universities. Involving more than 200 yuan. Two suspects have been arrested. It is reported that since March this year, the suspect called a yuan and in a Agel Ecommerce Ltd in Shanxi world name, thought the Shanghai elite loan company performance under the guise of students to apply for loans in elite loan mobile phone software. Two people promised to give some benefits for student loans, and loans that the company responsible for the repayment of student without repayment. Get the trust of students, so the students will call a yuan loans into the specified Alipay account fraud. Call a certain amount of money and a way to defraud more than 10 colleges and universities in Shanxi college students in more than 200 students, involving more than 200 yuan. In addition, a number of yuan and Yu in the same way to defraud the city of Taiyuan, Jinzhong and other places of the University of Taigu in the number of college students, the number of people involved and the amount of deception is being checked.相关的主题文章: