Shaoguan man was recorder sound too many people killed fled 16 years was arrested plants war

Shaoguan man was recorder sound too many people killed were arrested fled 16 years of Nanfang Daily News (reporter Bi Shiming correspondent Wang Cian) 2000, Jiangwan Qiaotou town of Shaoguan City, Wujiang District, a stall in front of the door, only for motorcycle parked in the car radio voice in front of the stalls is too large and caused a case of intentional injury a death case, in September 2015, Zou Wei was double murderer arrested police. The day before, Shaoguan City Intermediate People’s Court of first instance to the defendant Zou Moumou guilty of intentional assault, sentenced to life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for life. The court found: November 11, 2000 23 am, the defendant Zou Moumou and Gongmou after dinner, after the town of Jiangwan bridge a stall, because of dissatisfaction with the motorcycle parked in the car Yemou recorder sound of the stalls in front of the door is too large, will kick the motorcycle. Is this stall to eat supper with Yemou seeing, Zou Moumou quarrel, then fighting, fighting occurred, and ye eat snacks together and the victim Liang Xu, some are also involved in the fighting, Gong then took the opportunity to run away. Liang et al together Zou Moumou uniforms, and forced to kneel Zou Moumou an apology and compensation for motorcycle repairs. Gongmou ran away after called Zou Mouzhang, Zou Moupei, Zou Moumou seeing it up against, and Liang struggling together, Zou Mouzhang, Zou Moupei picked up two sticks from the side the Zhuida Xu et al. In the conflict, Zou Moumou stall door took out a pair of pliers beat Liang, and Liang forehead wounded. Gongmou, seeing it stop fighting, Gongmou also helped a beam into the stall to help stop bleeding. Zou Moumou still angry but found a knife back to stall, holding a knife to the beam of a head cut two knife, causing the beam a wound down, Zou Moumou fled the scene fled. Liang was sent to the hospital died. In September 18, 2015, the police eventually Zou Moumou arrested. Recently, the Shaoguan intermediate people’s court after trial of the case made a verdict. The judgment that the defendant Zou Moumou intentional bodily harm, and caused one death, his behavior constituted the crime of intentional injury, and a recidivist, should be severely punished according to law. In view of its justice can truthfully confessed his crime, voluntarily pleaded guilty, the law can be punished more leniently, and the victim of the case conflicts have some mistakes, but Zou Moumou legally lenient punishment for. Accordingly, the court made the decision in accordance with the law. Currently, the case has been legally effective judgment. Editor: GDN006相关的主题文章: