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Shaoxing | pull wupeng wupengchuan as a financial officer – Sohu before tourism had been to Shaoxing, I saw a wupengchuan, sat in a boat, but never thought that one day I will think of it as a finance officer. That day, in the Shaoxing Hotel Tower in the backyard, I saw the black, all covered with wupengchuan. They told me that before the fishing people is relying on such a boat. But the boat in ancient times is not only the fishermen Yisifumu, or Jiangnan people the most important means of transportation, it is the time for people to travel by train car. Night lights in the tower. This is a Chinese restaurant. The following figure is the Shaoxing hotel backyard, a black wupengchuan, pool the ship is a ship in the hospital just watching boat. Before the boat fishermen often lived in ancient times, so the real wupengchuan is now wupengchuan is much higher, because at that time a boat is a small home, often eat and sleep in the boat, is the survival of the fishermen on the river cottage. Now the boat is a modified version of the small boat is rowing in ancient times (small boat), foot in Shaoxing, the local people will not call him wupengchuan, by boat, of course this is to be a boat boat, the boat is small feet. Look at his long hull, low wupeng all pulled the boat cover tightly, this time, I suddenly remembered that they said people often lie on the bed, then my mind automatic brain up a picture, find the wupeng boat covered with a little like officer property! Want a promotion. About wupeng, naturally not less boating now for visitors to the lake of the foot. Shaoxing wupengchuan this not only refers to the foot’s small boat. In the past, Shaoxing wupengchuan relies on those with oars "shuttle fly" and "Sanming tile" ships. The ship structure is very delicate, carved on the bow, like tiger image and similar birds herons "?", the air like smiling, scary. But such exquisite carving are the ship, which is a real boat. There is a folk tale of Han River, the ancient Yue is filled, before the pond gate is not built, the river through the sea, "Dove" in China, tropism of dragon, dragon see away, so the boat had it carved in the image of the bow, so long afraid to cause trouble, to sail for safety on both sides of the bow; there are two carved stone, put the lion, the most exquisite production with copper. The front of the cabin boat to go a few steps, each side has a shelf, can put things. This shop on board, you can see a stage; in between the front cabin and cabin, a small painting screen door, write a "cold rain night into the Lianjiang Wu" and "the frosty night" a kind of poem, painting of plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum like pattern; in the cabin on both sides "ten" windows, can put books or cakes; and a stove with berth cabin. The boat hull is tall, high canopy one erect, the cabin can be placed on tables and chairs for visitors to play cards and banquets. The stern has at least a two scull, fast speed. This boat has disappeared in the history of the wupeng. .相关的主题文章: