Shenzhen 3 baby severe lead poisoning food and drug administration to find out why-sexinse

Shenzhen 3 a serious lead poisoning food and Drug Administration found recently, the media reported that the 3 Shenzhen children due to the use of fake rhinitis nasal spray "nasal fluid" drug caused severe lead poisoning cases, found the report, the Bureau attaches great importance to the case immediately checked. The case in May 2016, the Shenzhen Municipal Food and Drug Supervision Bureau Nanshan Bureau received public complaints, reflecting the 3 infants in Nanshan District claimed that the "old Chinese medicine treatment of rhinitis rhinitis treatment shop" after a few days, medication appears a variety of adverse reactions, the medical institution for the diagnosis of blood lead exceeding standard. After receiving the report, Investigation Bureau immediately to the Nanshan store products involved, and determine the initial products involved are marked description of Chinese medicine preparation, indications, usage and dosage of drugs, but no drug approval number, are counterfeit. May 24, 2016, Shenzhen city food and Drug Administration Nanshan Bureau and Shenzhen Nanshan Public Security Bureau held a working meeting to investigate the case, the development of a joint work plan. May 31st, Nanshan Public Security Bureau issued a written decision, formally filed. In June 1st, the case of joint action group divided into four teams, four counterfeit sales point to is located in Baoan, Longhua and Dongguan Nanshan, Changping city at the same time attack, successfully seized "Biyankangfu cream" and "rhinitis lotion" and "nose liquid and fake 106, seized on the solution for the production of counterfeit drugs 220 the other branch, potassium sorbate, ethanol and other raw materials tens of kilograms, involving the value of about 50 thousand yuan. In June 2nd, the Nanshan Public Security Bureau criminal detention official Wei Chengwang 5 suspected of selling counterfeit suspects. After testing, the drug involved in heavy metals exceeded. Although the drug for external use, but absorbed through skin contact, will cause greater harm to the human body. After investigating the case, the city food and Drug Supervision Bureau immediately in the city within the organization conducted a serious investigation, in addition to the point of sale, the sales of counterfeit series of other operating point not found. Members of the public can call to report complaints to protect the safety of the general public, the city food and Drug Administration will further strengthen the supervision of drug safety. The first is to strengthen the daily supervision of drug safety, further implementation of the grid regulation, inventory of the market, to prevent rhinitis Recovery Cream, rhinitis repair fluid, nasal liquid and other products in the market circulation. At the same time, increase the use of instruments for medical institutions private clinics, beauty salons and other life daily supervision, especially the combination of regional location is more crowded, urban and rural areas. Once the discovery of illegal products, to be investigated and dealt with immediately to eliminate security risks. Secondly, to increase the crackdown on drug safety criminal acts. For large consumption, security risks and more key products, key areas, focusing on the development of special rectification, severely punish illegal. Focus on the regulation of manufacturing and selling counterfeit drugs, the sale of counterfeit drugs, illegal Internet Internet cosmetics false drug information, illegal use of restricted substances, illegal advertising and the masses of illegal behavior. To strengthen the convergence of the two laws ", to improve the combat efficiency. Third, to further strengthen drug safety knowledge. Make full use of WeChat, micro-blog and other new media platforms, as well as traditional TV, newspaper media to the community to promote the use of safe medication knowledge. To carry out many forms, multi-channel.相关的主题文章: