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Shenzhen Tong started a global roadshow exchanges and clearing organizations ready – Beijing reporter in Hong Kong in October 13th, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Hongkong stock exchange was held in Hongkong, Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the launch of a global roadshow. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange chairman Wu Lijun and chief executive of the Hongkong stock exchange Li Xiaojia addressed, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Hongkong stock exchange, settlement on behalf of Chinese respectively in Shenzhen market characteristics, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through mechanism design and settlement system to the presence of more than 600 investment representatives are introduced, and care about the investment institutions and the media answered questions. Wu Lijun said that the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the program is approved, marking the capital in the international market, legalization, the direction of the market and has taken a solid step, will strengthen cooperation between the mainland and Hongkong in larger scope and at a higher level, a deeper level, enhance the ability of the two markets and the international competitiveness of the service of the real economy. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed company groups with distinct characteristics of innovation and entrepreneurship, provides a unique asset class for foreign investors, provides a platform for innovative enterprises docking international capital. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange to Shenzhen Hong Kong as an opportunity to improve international investor service system, enhance the level of convenience for overseas institutions to invest in the Shenzhen market. Li Xiaojia said that the introduction of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through will further improve the interoperability between the mainland and Hongkong capital market, strengthen the status of Hongkong as an offshore RMB asset management center. This is an important measure to promote Hong Kong roadshow market competitiveness and attractiveness. (Jiang Nan) securities market investor confidence index for the four consecutive month in Washington to maintain neutral value above the "Securities Daily" reporter in October 13th from the securities investor protection fund China was informed that the latest release of "September 2016 Chinese stock market investor confidence survey analysis report" shows that the Chinese stock market investor confidence index in September reached 50.3, a decline of 6.9% the sub index, also fell to near the average this year. Although the stock market funds, trading activity decline in investor confidence will be affected, but investors still believe that the current market strong resilience, which directly led the September investor confidence index for the fourth consecutive month in 50 to maintain a neutral value above, the overall stable. From the specific performance of the sub index of view, investor confidence in the domestic economic policy to maintain the optimistic, in September the domestic economic policy index (DEPI) was 50.4, compared with the previous month (55.9) fell 5.5, remain optimistic interval. Among them, 23.6% of investors believe that the domestic economic policy will have a beneficial impact on the stock market in the next three months, and 39.1% of investors think little effect. But investors are worried about the uncertainty of domestic economic growth. September domestic economic fundamentals index (DEFI) was 49.7, down from last month (52.9) by 3.2. Among them, 22% of investors believe that domestic economic fundamentals in the future three months the stock market will have a favorable impact; 22.6% of investors believe that may adversely affect; think little effect and the impact of uncertainty for investors accounted for 42% and 13.4% respectively. ()相关的主题文章: