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And Shiou married for 1 years with 2 fetal Alyssa Chia share tips – Beijing, Beijing, October 30, according to Taiwan’s United Daily News reported that last year with a small 8 year old actress Alyssa Chia Shiou Jiedi airness, with ex students and cute adorable sister Phoenix, the daughter?? is pregnant with third child, scored two of the happy marriage, but she did not give up, the day before as the program on behalf of the class talk show host, pregnancy, pregnancy postpartum worry mentioned whether affect the body? She said with a smile is a "sweet burden", so that the presence of actress shows a face of envy. Alyssa Chia, on behalf of the class program, share feelings, marriage, talk by the mother, her slender body was no more than 5 months pregnant, Joey Yung and A Jiao show guests exclaimed: "so thin can live to third live births!" Both the eyes staring at her pregnant belly, with envious eyes. Over 40 year old daughter Alyssa Chia in?? after a year old, then it was announced that pregnant with third child, was surprised, talk to the pregnant mood, she admitted that although the woman life will let out of shape, but in the process of thinking about how to take care of the maintenance is also a very interesting figure, sweet Shiou, currently in lieu of military service. As workers work, Alyssa Chia revealed the secret to marital bliss, marriage, pregnancy, even referred to women with children, also want to have a job, think of the most attractive woman.相关的主题文章: