Shock! Citizens bank card is not from the body card 620 thousand deposit take wings to itself cancam

Shock! Citizens bank card is not from the body card 620 thousand deposit police suspect will take wings to itself to the fraudulent money users now use tools. Foshan Daily reporter Wang Shu photo Foshan daily news reporter Zhu Zhaogui correspondent Liang Xiaoyin, Wu Xuebang reports: there are people to steal the victim bank card information, there is the use of POS machine and ATM machine to turn away the money out of the money. Yesterday, the Shunde police informed, recently successfully destroyed a fraudulent credit card criminal gangs, arrested 4 suspects, involving more than 2 million yuan. In July 29th, a report said the victim Huang, the bank card is not from the body, and the card 622 thousand and 400 yuan deposit was removed in July 22nd. After receiving the report, Shunde police set up a task force, through the investigation found that the number of the number of criminal gangs and a clear division of labor, often commit crimes, every step of the operation have the person overall check, strong anti reconnaissance capability. Task force line attack, removed Hebei, Jiangxi, Henan and other places, which lasted more than and 20 days, a comprehensive understanding of the scope of the suspects and the end result. In August 23rd, the task force in Henan arrested Kwak (46 years old, Henan Xinxiang people) and other 4 suspects men, and seized about 11000 yuan in cash, mobile phone, computer tools, clone card, card duplicator, victim information and other items involved a group. According to police, the gang through fraudulent credit card cloning victim accounts data, use white copy into counterfeit cards, the use of POS pseudo card deposits brush to online banking, online banking and then split into hundreds of illegal accounts, and the line to the remote bank ATM machine to withdraw money, the formation of a very stable, covert illegal fraudulent chain. According to the 4 suspects confessed, the case of a fugitive tomorrow and a former acting as an intermediary role, on the one hand three lines, responsible for the "machine" and "material", and "black people" to get money. "The main feeding" first master the stolen bank card information, general search target in KTV and other entertainment activities, after obtaining relevant information using the "white card" rapid cloning. After the "machine" has a fraudulent funds function POS — called the "second arrival", the money to the designated banking account, then according to the amount, transfer to the "men in black" provided by the dozens, hundreds of illegal bank account. Kwak and other 4 people belong to the case of the black man". In the industry, by the intermediary is responsible for the operation of the link on the assembly line, in order to prevent the upper and lower contact each other. Capital quickly dispersed, "intermediary" will advance a number of withdrawals, across a number of provinces and cities to choose ATM locations, the old ATM machine remote location as a teller, because the old ATM machine can identify the counterfeit card after replication. At present, the 4 suspects have Xingju, Hwang stolen money is further recovered. Shunde police remind the victim card data theft usually occurs in places of entertainment, some people temporarily go when the waiter, readily take the card to brush, but privately to the card information stolen. Credit card consumption, must not let the card out of their sight." Police handling the case, said the public should pay attention to protect the credit card password, do not easily disclose personal information, so as not to be stolen.相关的主题文章: