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College-University An increasing number of students are realizing the importance of pursuing degrees like MBA in International Business, MBA in Agriculture or MBA in Energy due to the multitude of opportunities associated to these sectors. It is in this scenario that institutes like Symbiosis Institute of International Business come to the rescue of students by providing them state of the art infrastructure to pursue their academic qualifications. Starting out with an MBA in International Business, SIIB has evolved into being recognized as an institute for energy and environment programs as well due to its MBA in Agribusiness and Energy. Aspirants wanting to do an MBA in Pune or anywhere else have always emphasized on choosing B schools after carefully weighing the parameters. In case of SIIB, there are several advantages that a student gets in terms of sound academic training, relevant industry exposure, regular interactions and others that work in favor of the institute. The distinctive features at SIIB are its excellent academic team and other interactive learning approaches like the student exchange program and the Symbiosis Dual Degree Program in International Business. In fact, the Symbiosis Dual degree in International business is a feature unique only to the SIIB campus. As part of this initiative selected students are given an opportunity to pursue dual degree specializations when they enroll for the MBA in International business program. In the last twenty years, SIIB has registered several achievements to its credit. These achievements are a result of the consistent delivery of industry ready professionals to the various domains. In fact, in the recently concluded interim placement season, SIIB students across programs have once again done the institute proud. As a prelude to the final placement season, SIIBs interim placement has started of on an extremely positive note. It has seen a fabulous turn out of recruiters as big names from the industry came down to the campus and hired students with the prestigious MBA in Symbiosis tag. Most of the recruitments for SIIBs interim placement season have happened in the technology, consulting banking and technology advisory. The students have been recruited across some of the most reputed firms of the industry and roles offered include profiles like business advisory, analyst, management consultant, etc. with average salaries going as high as 8lacs per annum. Apart from the MBA in International Business, SIIBs interim placement session also witnessed students from Energy and MBA in Agribusiness section bag interesting offers from industry big-wigs. Those interested can click on the link and view the interim placement report in detail All in all, SIIB has established a strong presence in the industry as a result of its unique features and constantly groomed talent pool. This has given the recruiters confidence to hire from SIIB and it is as a result of this confidence that the institute has registered year on year success in terms of placement opportunities for its students. For any student deciding to step into a B-school, placements play a pivotal role in deciding the place of study. After all, nobody wants to invest in a course and then wait for a decade before they start to earn return on that investment. Unlike a lot of its counterparts, Symbiosis Institute of International Business is clearly one of the best B-schools in the country to register consistent growth in the placement figures by providing relevant education and training to the future managers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: