Since the second half of the city two days of low temperature of -10.4 DEG C after heating-verbal jint

Since the second half of the city two days of low temperature of -10.4 DEG C after the next heating life newspaper news November 1st without gloves, not wearing a scarf with frozen hands frozen red ears…… This Monday, the lowest temperature of ice city is -10.4 Deg. C, is the second half of this year for the first time in Harbin minus two digit temperature, the reporter saw in the Songhua River, the river appeared icing. Fortunately, the cold air "body is hollowed out, starting Tuesday, ice temperature will gradually rise. It is expected that the Harbin meteorological department began Tuesday, with the cold air from Harbin, the lowest temperature will rise to 7 degrees Celsius, west wind 3-4, favorable to the diffusion of air pollutants. By Wednesday, the city’s highest temperature will rise to 3 degrees celsius. There will be a snow weather Friday, other times are sunny to cloudy weather. The temperature rise is a good thing, but there may be the opportunity to haunt haze. Is expected to Harbin environmental protection department, city Wednesday night to early morning may appear over there will be short-term moderate pollution. The next three days, I, the temperature rose slightly, by the late cold air moving eastward, there will be snow in the northwest area of our province, and the temperature drops.

冰城现下半年以来最低温-10.4℃ 明后两天升温   生活报11月1日讯 不戴手套冻得手哆嗦、不戴围巾冻得耳朵通红……本周一,冰城市区的最低气温为-10.4℃,是今年下半年哈市首次出现零下两位数的气温,记者在松花江边看到,江水出现了结冰现象。好在,冷空气“身体被掏空”,周二开始,冰城气温将逐渐回升。   据哈市气象部门预计,周二开始,随着冷空气的移出,哈市最低温将回升至7℃左右,西风3-4级,对空气污染物扩散有利。到了周三,市区最高温将回升至3℃左右。周五将有一次阵雪天气,其他时段天气均为晴到多云。气温回升是好事,但是雾霾有可能会趁机出没。哈市环保部门预计,冰城周三夜间至凌晨可能出现逆温,将有短时中度以上污染。   未来三天,我省气温略有回升,后期受冷空气东移影响,我省西北部地区将有降雪天气,且气温下降。相关的主题文章: