Sir Alex Fergusons Soccer

UnCategorized Sir Alex Ferguson is no doubt the undisputed Master of mind games when it .es to the beautiful game of soccer and he has been known to take on even the most feared referees or officials without any fear whatsoever. Whatever it is that gives him the guts to do so is left for you to imagine but take it or leave it, Sir Alex takes no prisoners when he is in his element. A few seasons ago when Manchester United played Real Madrid in the knockout stages of the Champions League, Sir Alex publicly "informed" his players that FIFA did not want them in the finals of the tournament. "They do not want you there, that’s for sure" he said. Of course, he was playing the mind card with his players and the referee given the fact that it was a home match for Real Madrid but FIFA took umbrage at the statement and fined him. I doubt if the wily Scot could have cared less. If we hit the rewind button and view events in the early days of the Premiership, prior to a match with one of the big teams, he was quoted in the Press as "warning" the designated match referee not to do "anything stupid". How is that for a warning? These attacks serve as a way of putting the referee under pressure and as a cushion against possible biased decisions influenced by the fans of the opposing team. Sir Alex is famous for taking his battle off the field of play and starting the warring way before the match begins. Like I said earlier, he takes no prisoners. Of late, while he has reduced steam a bit, he still dips his hands into his bag from time to time in order to find an old mind game to play and dis.anise his opponents. The problem is, he sometimes goes too far and recently, he did just that. After the game against Sunderland, he accused the centre referee, Alan Wiley of being physically unfit and not up to the game. The referees’ umbrella body rolled out their arsenal and pointed in the Scot’s direction while soliciting the help of the FA to gun down their old foe. The FA wasted little time and at the end, Sir Alex was forced to apologise to Referee Wiley. The trouble has however, not ended as journalists seemed to have joined the "screw Alex Ferguson" bandwagon. In the pre match press briefing in Moscow, the issue arose and the Scot stormed out unceremoniously. Well, well, well, it appears Sir Alex is not so used to humble pie. He has however had to eat it this time around and bitter as it may taste, he must bear it. I hope he will learn to be choosier with his words hereafter otherwise he might as well just get used to the taste of humble pie. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: