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Sixty patients with diabetes, they secretly listen to MLM dressing insurance on November 14th is the tenth "World Diabetes day". Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter learned that the Liaoning diabetes rising proportion. According to "Liaoning province 2014 health white paper" data show that the prevalence rate of up to 12.73% residents aged over 18 in Liaoning Province in 2007 than in the province of adult diabetes, the prevalence rate of 10.4% increased by 2.33 percentage points. The Chinese Diabetes Society Committee, director of the Department of endocrinology of Shengjing Hospital affiliated China Li Ling in an interview with reporters pointed out that the Northeast many diabetics choose to buy insulin in the pharmacy, and a large part of them will "change", midway leads to blood glucose fluctuation is obvious, even life-threatening. According to Li Ling, last week, they were Cory, a more than 60 year old man surnamed Wu, when unconscious. After examination, the elderly are particularly low blood sugar, due to the timely rescue the old man soon regained consciousness. The old man to know that he had attended a community health lectures, and listen to each other, stopped to eat their own insulin, capsule medicine lecture recommended. Since the dressing, father always dizzy, but eat dinner will be good. The incident that day, he was dancing in the park, and then knew nothing. Emergency like Wu such that every month can be met in clinical one or two cases. In life, there is also a part of the elderly hypoglycemia not promptly corrected, as a result of long time of coma, finally become senile dementia even vegetables. Lead to the consequences of this, mainly the elderly unresponsive, did not feel hungry then coma. There is one of the most important factors of insulin and diabetes drugs, between the effect of different varieties, random change and stopping will bring the risk of too much blood glucose fluctuation. Therefore, Professor Li Ling stressed that diabetics should buy insulin in strict accordance with the prescription, in order not without permission to replace insulin, diabetes drugs must also change and professional communication. The treatment of diabetes, glycemic control not only to continue to use insulin and drugs, diet and exercise will do. Mopping the floor, cleaning glass, hand washing clothes, even making noodles, is a kind of sport. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Li Jing

六旬糖尿病人听信传销讲座 私自换药险丢命   11月14日是第10个“联合国糖尿病日”。沈阳晚报、沈阳网记者获悉,辽宁糖尿病发病比例不断上升。据《辽宁省2014健康白皮书》的数据显示,辽宁省18岁以上居民糖尿病患病率高达12.73%,比2007年全省成年人患病率10.4%提高了2.33个百分点。中华医学会糖尿病分会常委、中国医大盛京医院内分泌科主任李玲在接受记者采访时明确指出,东北地区不少糖尿病患者选择在药店购买胰岛素,而他们中很大一部分人会中途“换方”,导致血糖波动明显,甚至出现生命危险。   据李玲介绍,上周,她们科里收治了一位60多岁的吴姓老人,来时人事不醒。经检查,老人血糖特别低,由于抢救及时老人很快恢复了意识。向老人了解得知,此前他参加过一场社会上的健康讲座,然后听信对方,停掉了自己的胰岛素,改吃讲座上推荐的胶囊药。自从换药,老爷子总是晕晕乎乎的,但吃点饭就会好。事发那天,老爷子正在公园晨练,然后就啥也不知道了。   像老吴这样的危急状况,临床上每个月都能碰到一两例。生活中,也有一部分老人的低血糖没有得到及时纠正,结果由于昏迷时间过长,最后变成老年痴呆甚至植物人。导致这样的后果,主要是老年人反应迟钝,没等感觉到饥饿便昏迷了。还有一个最重要的因素,胰岛素和糖尿病药物,品种之间药效不同,随意换方和停药都会带来血糖波动过大的风险。因此,李玲教授强调,糖尿病患者应严格按照处方购买胰岛素,在未得到医嘱的情况下不允许私自更换胰岛素,调换糖尿病药物也一定与专业医生沟通。   治疗糖尿病,控制血糖不仅要持续使用胰岛素和药物,日常饮食和运动上也要下工夫。拖地、擦玻璃、手洗衣服、甚至是擀面条,都是运动的一种。   沈阳晚报、沈阳网记者李靖相关的主题文章: