Skoda Elite young people youth preferred reshacker

Skoda: Youth preferred Jingrui survey of young people, 90 has entered the peak for the first time Car Buying. This group of young hand on the pursuit of outspoken fashion appearance, on the other hand is also familiar to various functions of science and technology. Skoda design not only has the crystalline dynamic fashion, also provides multiple leapfrog configuration, meet the comprehensive needs of young people, has become the enjoyment of their youth quality preferred.   new dynamic capture appearance Association young, is the personality of publicity. Skoda’s new design language also gives a very dynamic tension crystalline shape characteristics. Jingrui vehicle using crystal cutting design style, geometric folding surface not only has cool smart lighting effects, low design style and the most sought after young agree without prior without previous consultation. The extensive use of level extension lines, collocation of V three-dimensional sculpture hood and straight waterfall grille, strengthen the sense of movement gaining momentum. Sharp sideways waist line through the head and tail, full of a sense of power and speed, plus the family smoked taillights, passion triggered at any moment. At the same time, the crystalline rich color collocation, except white, red, Latin Jazz, pop music blue yellow and a variety of stylish and beautiful body color, also provides 6 kinds of interior style black and white 2 color and the roof select up to the maximum extent to meet the aesthetic needs of young individual. Let the heart play safe and comfortable for configuration of playful and energetic young people, the car should not only look good, even better than a good use. Skoda anatase crystal using the Volkswagen Group, the new EA211 engine, 6 speed automatic, or with 5 speed manual gearbox, plus EPS electronic steering and braking system robust power control performance of power, efficient, accurate and stable, even a novice can experience the calm cool driving pleasure.   young people advocating freedom always love to go on a journey of self driving travel. During the trip, crystalline with low response of cruise control system is also quite practical, when the speed reaches h 20km will be able to start, not only can liberate the right foot, avoid fatigue driving speed can lead to lower fuel consumption. Active safety, crystalline ESP electronic stability system has the leading, covering the HHC ramp auxiliary, ABS anti lock braking system and XDS electronic differential lock 13 function modules, even in the face of complex road conditions can be at ease to deal with. In addition, provides a rich multimedia entertainment system but also for the love of the young elite entertainment friends, high fidelity surround sound can restore superior tone, playback volume can also be adjusted automatically along with the speed, very humane. The entertainment system supports AUX-IN, SD, crystalline USB, Bluetooth and other audio access, so cozy journey all the way accompanied by music.相关的主题文章: