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Students in the United States: the results are better than domestic new year the most difficult according to the Chinese news report, the Losangeles Times reported that in recent years, Chinese little more and more students go abroad to the United States junior and senior high school. According to the "2016 white paper" Chinese study showed that the United States Chinese young students age has started showing a tendency to become smaller, the United States to study the tide from undergraduate and graduate students to advance to the stage of primary and middle schools. The number of students in the United States in 2015 reached 1.5 times in 2013, Chinese has become the American high school students in the country of origin. At the beginning of this year, three students in southern California Chinese compatriots sentencing three people abuse, was sentenced to 6 years to 13 years in prison. Kidnapped, beaten and tortured students three China students Zhai Yunyao, Yang Yuhan and Zhang Xinlei, in January 5th of this year and a plea of commutation agreement, three people were jailed for 13 years, 10 years and 6 years. This case makes people pay more attention to the mental health problems of American students. Many parents feel that they have paid a lot for their children. In fact, for small students, they have sacrificed a lot. Study abroad is suitable for each child’s personality, hobbies, family background, family education, knowledge and economic base and personal and family expectations are closely related. Let’s take a look at the growth and experience of these foreign students in a foreign country. In Wuhan, 17 year old ditty (Allen Qu) is the result of the class in the middle, with scores of students in grade division habits Chinese school, he was not a teacher attention. Finally, his parents suggested that he come to study in the United states. To San Marino, a small boarding school. In the southwest high school, he made new friends, did well in maths, and did much less homework than at home. The food at school is not very good, but he can go to a nearby Chinese restaurant on weekends. Small love to travel, but did not dare to put forward and parents. He knew what he needed to do was stay in school and apply to a good university. Every month, he and his parents video calls several times, his mother wanted him, his father was busy building materials business, more distant. She said, Chinese new year is a time for his most homesick, but the parents did not see him. 86% of the students in this school are international students, half of whom are from china. International students and parents rarely appear in the school, did not talk with teacher communication, the school arranged accommodation for children and parents to take care of their daily life. 17 year old Hu (Hsu) is a shy boy of the age of 17, studying in a high school in the United states. Talking to the United States, he said it was his father’s idea that he made the decision. His father was the president of an electrical company in China, and his father asked him if he wanted to come to the United States to study in high school. He wanted to be a dentist, but he said it was his mother’s idea, but he thought it was okay. His target university is University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Little nonsense, he came to the United States only three months, new life by reading, basketball and computer games. He also encountered discrimination, someone shouted at him to get him back to China相关的主题文章: