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Snooker daddy who knows the pain: the child to Bingham I cried Bingham (map) daddy sina sports many snooker players this season, 19 ranking events that men only reluctantly temporarily away from their children, busy in the game, the game was removed or the city on the road. What kind of feeling is this? Sina sports interviewed Bingham, Robertson and Higgins three champion, let them talk about their own way of life. This week, the three players have come to Guangzhou to participate in the 2016 World Snooker Championship China hengda. Before the three of them are attending the international championships in Daqing directly to Guangzhou, no family, in their spare time is the natural family separated by numerous hills and streams. In that Liang Wenbo’s second children in 1 days after the birth of a child, Bingham thoughts more add a few minutes, he looked slightly guilty and said: "as a father and a snooker player occupation is difficult to find, the middle point of the family and career. These days, as well as in those days in Daqing, I will always call the children. In fact, during the game, I was in the middle of the ring and the children, the child thought I wanted to cry, which for me a little mental pressure. But it’s my job and I’m going to focus on the game as much as possible." HUD Bingham hearts have a soft side, and this is his soft side of your family. Bingham helpless, Robertson naturally understand, now his son is 6 years old, can communicate with Robertson. Out of the door, concentrate on the game, of course, Robertson will be very concerned about his son, in the past three weeks left home, which is also a challenge for me. After such a long time away from home I will be careful consideration, because the price is too big." Bored, he naturally will remember to play with his son, memories of Halloween, his son with a pumpkin set his head, left home for a long time to go back to see the child, I really think the child grow too fast. As a father, I feel more deeply when I play with my son, because the interaction with his son may be stronger than his daughter." He also did not forget to ridicule Selby, I think Selby play in China to play a particularly good, or else he is particularly fond of playing games in China, or that his wife always told him to go out." Higgins has three children, he had to leave home to play in perennial life outside, because he knows what he is doing is like this, "after all the work, there are many other industries left home time even longer than we. But in order to work, must endure, put personal feelings aside and concentrate on work." Of course, in order to make up for the child, Higgins always played in the home when the children to bring a gift, a gift that this, no less, "the prize money is particularly abundant, I hope to be able to win the championship. If I can win, I think the biggest gift to bring home is my own. No matter how successful this time, I will bring a small gift to the child, but Christmas is coming, I want to leave a little surprised相关的主题文章: