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Song Joong Ki into three trophies "thank you Song Hye Kyo"   Kim Ji Yuan Huang to complete; Whaley unveiled APAN   [Photos] – red carpet; Henan branch network — news October 8th October 2nd, "2016 APAN Star Awards awards in Seoul on rock MBC television held, Song Zhong, Li Bingxian, Kim Hee Sun, Kim So-yeon base, wells nine, Jin, Jin Zhiyuan and other stars in the red carpet and attend the ceremony. At the ceremony, with "the sun" Song Joong Ki descendants of Liu Shizhen corner won the "annual award", "Asian pop star" and "best couple" three awards, winning three fully deserve. Song Joong Ki to speech said: "we can not attend the ceremony together with my partner Song Hye Kyo, I had to be a lonely person to accept the award, but I really appreciate." Song Joong Ki said humbly present and An Zaixu, Li Bingxian and other predecessors, and compared them to their own still has many deficiencies, I will continue to work hard, hoping to become the same as their predecessors, handsome appearance has been outstanding actor ", he also did not forget to" the sun "all descendants of the actor, especially partner Song Hye Kyo thanks" if there is no Song Hye Kyo, I shot should be more hard, really very grateful to her". In addition, the "signal" won "starring Zhao Zhenxiong as the emperor" — the Drama Award for best actor. "Please answer 1988" Portsmouth sword, "Doctors", "Yin Junshang", "please answer 1988 benefits of painting clouds Moonlight" won the newcomer award, Kim Yoo jung. "APAN Star Awards" is the only award ceremony in South Korea that includes cable and wireless tv. 2016 "APAN Star Awards" annual award winners: the Song Joong Ki television – Best Actor: "Signal" signal in Zhao Zhenxiong’s TV series – Best Actress: "W- two" Han Hyo Joo’s world television – Best Actor: "five children" in An Zaixu’s Drama – Best Actress: "home and everything a" Global Star Award: Jin Suyan Li Bingxian: "the sun descended from the play of the year" best screenplay "Signal signal" in Jin Enxi’s TV series – Best Actor: "I love you" in Nam Kung-Min’s Drama – Outstanding Actress: "Wu Haiying" is Xu Xianzhen’s television show, best actor: "home and everything a" Lee Pil Mo’s television show, best actress: "Six dragon day" best supporting actor Jung Yu Mi: "the sun", "descendants of Jin Long W- two world" Jin Yisheng Best Supporting Actress: "the sun", "descendants of Jin Zhiyuan and Wu Haiying" Rui Zhiyuan Asian Star: Huang induced column, Wang Dalu Asia popular star Zhong Ji, Kim Hee Sun, Tannayong: Song Wang te La? (Thailand), Joe? Kobita Slim (Indonesia), Jessy Mendiola (Philippines), Narimiya Hiroki (Japan): best couple "the sun descended")相关的主题文章: