South Korea and Japan on North Korea nuclear test stand e2140

South Korea and the United States on the North Korean nuclear test stand for original title: Korea US joint meeting of the UN Security Council [global network reporter Wei Yue reported] according to Yonhap News reported on September 9th, the same day at 9:30 in the morning around North Korea Fenxi 5 artificial earthquake area. South Korean government, South Korea, the United States and Japan jointly called on the UN Security Council to convene a meeting. Visiting South Korean President Park Geun hye on North Korea suspected of carrying out a nuclear test with the U.S. President Obama 15 minutes phone. Obama said, will be for South Korea to provide a nuclear umbrella to use all methods to deal with the North Korean nuclear issue. Pu Jinhui also called on the United Nations Security Council resolution to take all available means to punish North korea. Pu Jinhui said that Kim Jeong-eun can only get through the nuclear test of the international community of higher intensity sanctions and isolation. North Korea’s provocation will only accelerate the self. South Korea will work with the international community to mobilize all means to strengthen the pressure on the dprk. Obama said, will provide a nuclear umbrella for South Korea, use all methods to deal with the North Korean nuclear issue. According to Japan’s Jiji news agency reported on September 9th, for North Korea suspected of conducting a fifth nuclear test on the morning of 9, the Japanese government is considering strengthening sanctions against North korea. Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Jian Yiwei said at a press conference, "is to strengthen the sanctions on North Korea alone". Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo also expressed strong condemnation on the morning of 9, if (North Korea) really carried out a nuclear test, we can not tolerate, must solemnly protest".相关的主题文章: