South Korea K index is recommended pick Hibiscus win – Sohu Lian Shan-doat

South Korea K index is recommended: pick Hibiscus win – Sohu Lee Hill K recommended: Jiang Han pick FC VS Anshan hibiscus flowers start time: 2016-09-07 18:00 Wednesday: 2.37 3.20 3 compensate disc: 0.72 tied 1.08 Beijing single field recommended: 0 score recommended: 0-1 or 0-2 FC Jiangyuan present product 46 fourth points in the league, but the team also is only second Fuchuan FC 2 points the smaller the gap. Jiang Yuan FC the last 3 League 2 draw 1 negative state in the doldrums, the return to the home court against the leader of Anshan Hibiscus is unlikely to win. Anshan Hibiscus with 8 points clear at the top, lead the player relaxed, the last two league but lost 0-4 to Busan idol, 0-5 lost Daejeon citizen amazing, this is the road, that Anshan bestirred hibiscus flowers to avoid losing streak away. The disc open flat ", note by the main – level rise, decline of confidence in his banker. The compensate BET365 will win odds from 3 down to 2.55 as the preferred. Two teams in the last 5 meetings Kangwon FC3 wins 2 negative slightly dominant, now the index might catch an unfavorable battles, mountain Hibiscus road win.相关的主题文章: