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Southern China, welcome the strong rainfall   Northeast Inner Mongolia rainy – environmental protection – in Beijing in September 2, according to the Chinese weather network news, recently, by Lionrock, the northeast, Inner Mongolia and other places It’s raining and blowing hard., (1) yesterday, the rain gradually weakened. But the rain will not stop, is expected in the next week northeast, Inner Mongolia will be more rainy weather. For the southern region, the next three days, Southern China and other places will be greeted with heavy rain, accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall and other severe convective weather. Southern China, welcome the strong rainfall rainstorm started in August 31st, Southern China, Jiangnan have rain weather, local strong rain yesterday. Monitoring shows that yesterday 4 am to 4 pm today, Western and southern Yunnan, North Central Guangxi, northern and Western Guangdong, central Jiangxi, southern Zhejiang, northern and Western Fujian and other places, there are heavy rain weather, Guangxi Wuming rainfall approaching 100 mm. This area has also appeared in the rain and strong rainfall, such as short-term thunderstorms and other severe convective weather. Today, rainfall mainly concentrated in the south, Yunnan and other places. The Central Meteorological Station forecast, September 2nd to 4, Guangdong, Jiangxi and central and southern Fujian and other places have moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain (50 to 80 mm), these local areas and accompanied by short heavy rainfall (20 hour rainfall ~ 40 mm), strong convective weather; in addition, the eastern part of Tibet,, Sichuan Yunnan and other places have moderate to heavy rain, southeastern Tibet, Northwestern Yunnan and other places in southeast of local heavy rain. Compared with other places in Southern China and more rainfall, today, the Yangtze River in the middle and lower reaches of the region will be sunny hot weather, the maximum temperature of 30-35 degrees C. In mid August this year to late, the lower reaches of the Yangtze River more sustained high temperatures encountered at the beginning of September, there are still some areas reached 35 degrees, but the distribution is more fragmented. In addition, with the autumn approaching, the Yangtze River region temperature difference between day and night, daytime exposure, sooner or later, cool, short duration and high temperature, air humidity is small, and there is no "mugginess". At present, Jiangsu in northern and central Zhejiang and other places have moderate meteorological drought, lack of rain or the future will enable local please continue or development; Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian and other places in more rain, to prevent local heavy rainfall and strong convection weather unfavorable effects. Northeast Inner Mongolia rainy northeastern temperature gradually rose yesterday, with Lionrock control of the northeast and Inner Mongolia weakened, rain generally decreased, but the central and Western Heilongjiang, Western Jilin and other places there is still a strong rain. Due to the influence of Lionrock and extratropical cyclone formation in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia Province, the northeast cold vortex, the next week there are still many rainy days. Overall, the rain showers. The Central Meteorological Observatory is expected today, Northeast China, the Middle East of Inner Mongolia is still small to moderate. Affected by rainfall, the recent northeast temperatures lower than usual. According to statistics, in August 31st the eastern part of Liaoning, southeastern Jilin and other parts of the highest temperatures hit a record low in August. Among them, the capital city of Shenyang, Liaoning, the maximum temperature of only 15.8 degrees C, lower than the local minimum temperature in August, the lowest temperature of 2.5 degrees C. However, with the East相关的主题文章: