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Spanish recommended: Malaga home court thus suggested Gijon – Sohu of Malaga VS 03:45 11-05 La Liga Gijon first European football net 100 average odds: 1.709 3.610 5.094 Asia chupan: Malaga 0.96 half ball 0.94 athletic Gijon Malaga in the last round of the League Cup at 2 4 defeat at Atletico Madrid at the foot of the recent performance slightly undulating. Sporting Gijon on wheels in home court with Seville, recently suffered two Lianping record status, the same is not satisfactory. The guests challenge situation of the ups and downs of Malaga, Gijon remains to be seen whether a difference. The two sides in the recent two confrontation, the two sides win a game, both sides have no advantage to speak of, the outcome is still worth looking forward to. Comparison of 100 Europe 5.094 index 3.610 1.709 and the first difference football network provides, the main customer wins compensation value index differences, have home court advantage of Malaga found a significantly greater access to data, while the standard flat and wins index at high level, the Gijon road trip will be difficult to have upset the space. While Asia chupan Lord let half ball by injection, the disc data on the disk of the same trend in Malaga support. Therefore, the game two Eurasian plate support the case, on the way to fight, can hold on. Cz100 recommendation: Malaga SMG single field recommendation: 3相关的主题文章: