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UnCategorized Stansted is undoubtedly the UK’s busiest airport. There is lot of activity happening in and around the area, and the only thing that leaves flight boarders perturbed is the airport parking. This issue is indeed cause for worry. Some other options need to be considered to get to the airport so that you do not get hassled. The next best alternative is the train as that can save you considerable amount of time, money and energy. There are trains leaving the station every fifteen minutes and the services are excellent in terms of .fort and convenience. The Stansted station is just right below the terminal building. One could buy tickets from the station in advance to optimise available time. The train service is regular for services from airport to Central London and the East. It takes hardly forty six minutes to get to Liverpool Street. The distance to Cambridgeshire is also covered under an hour and you can go to Birmingham in under four hours. There are connections to Scotland as well. Make sure you carry the railway timetable and the route map for you to have a better understanding about the train timings. There are also boards displayed at stations which would help you get an idea of the trains leaving to and from Stansted. The Stansted Airport is conveniently located off the M11 motorway. If you have to park your vehicle for less than twenty four hours, then this is ideal, even otherwise there is motorcycle parking which is free of cost. There is a specially designated parking place for motorcycles and one cannot just park it anywhere beyond that designated Zone. The terminal forecourt does not encourage parking as the airport authorities are very particular about security. Any unattended car will be towed away and the owner would have to pay the relevant charges. However, you can pick up and drop visitors at the forecourt. The short stay park can be used for vehicles waiting to pick up passengers while the long stay Stansted parking can be got to with the help of the courtesy bus. Many car rental .panies have their desks put up at the arrival forecourt. If you intend renting a car, you could approach any of these agencies. You could also check in cars. The bus station is located directly opposite to the entrance of the main airport terminal. The ticket counter opens from 06.00 till 01.00. Not every bus and coach though is wheelchair accessible. Valet parking services are also offered and they are quite reasonable. Security is topmost and one need not worry about the vehicle as you can be rest assured about the security of your vehicle. Regular travellers may park their vehicle while leaving and collect it once they return. As far as convenience regarding Stansted parking and transportation is concerned, it is easy to travel to and from without having to worry about boarding and lodging facilities. There are many choices and budget hotels to suit everybody’s pocket as well for those wanting to stay overnight. Many of the major airlines pass through Stansted Airport and there are about twenty five million travellers who move in and out of the Airport. The BAA and Spanish Ferro vial intend to make the airport bigger and better for the convenience of travellers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: