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Stick to the post   fighting line – social – People’s National Day holiday end. People who have returned to their jobs may still be enjoying the long holidays. During the holidays, visitors relax behind the happy, no doubt stick to stick to the post for peace, smooth silent pay. During the national day, Xi’an high-speed traffic police brigade police dispatched a total of 2351 passengers, 902 police vehicles, the average daily working time of 15 hours, to ensure safe and smooth highway in Xi’an area. In order to ensure the highway traffic order during the national day, Xi’an high-speed traffic police on the UAV fully upgraded, each battery capacity can reach more than 30 minutes, you can clearly see the vehicle license plate 200 meters away, can accurately capture the illegal occupation of the emergency lane, the ability to more effectively ensure thorough investigation of illegal highway traffic. For the National Day golden week to travel peak, Guangxi Frontier Corps Longbang border checkpoints full line of police on duty, reasonable adjustment of service mode, set up to guide the Taiwan, Rest Area and umbrella, drinking water and other daily necessities for the majority of visitors, provide on-site consultation, help, exit difficult to maintain order and other caring services for travelers. At the same time, the station also carried out border tourism team online 24 hours inspection services, shorten the inspection tour time in port. National Day holiday, located in the Sino Vietnamese border in Guangxi, Dongxing tourists doubled. Soldiers have illegal and criminal activities against trafficking, drug trafficking, smuggling and other mountain nanmu checkpoints still stick to their posts, carrying out frontier inspection personnel, vehicles, goods of border management zone of Dongxing. Soldiers in the front line, minor injuries can not be next line." Just returned from the hospital immediately returned to duty on duty, said Wei Tao, a border guard. Some people stick to their posts, to the National Day golden week service for tourists; and some of the people in the fight for a rainy day for the protection of people’s livelihood. In Beijing, Dahongmen, coal to electricity scene, 4 power workers are being completed in the transformer box bolt installation, such as the base of the mortar seal, such as the work of the. State Grid Beijing Fengtai power company responsible person Zhang Jie said the scene, the scene of the coal to the old city alley alley, narrow roads, large equipment can not enter, only artificial transport. As the project time, heavy task, power workers Richuerzuo, sunset and the return to work 12 hours a day. Workers Wang Xiao said: we must complete the construction task before the arrival of the heating season." After the end of the National Day golden week, will soon celebrate the festival once a year. The 7 day, the National Day golden week last day, Guangzhou City, Haizhuqu District cadres and the masses to wish for the national day, and busy. At 9 o’clock in the morning, in the city of Guangzhou Silk Road on the sea "origin", Haizhuqu District Whampoa  village, 3 days of the fourth session of the south of the Five Ridges ancestral temple culture festival. Is different from the previous, the festival also invited to be named the provincial intangible cultural heritage "Chaoyang British dance team" to come back. The paper-cut master Chen Cuibing, master Luo Minxin and master Zhao Yiming color lanterns etc. Cantonese folk handicraft heritage, is gathered in the village of Hu ancestral hall, folk art museum to cherish, to attract a lot of tourists come to watch and experience. Haizhu district Party committee, propaganda minister)相关的主题文章: