Struggling To Find Financial Freedom Having A Relationship With

UnCategorized Are you one of those people for whom financial freedom feels like one more fleeting dream? When it comes to money, is here today, gone tomorrow your unhappy mantra? Does it feel that you take one step forward and two steps backwards? If this describes you, remember that there is an energy exchange that takes place between all things. It affects spiritual matters, and it also affects you, your business and your money! For some people, the relationship that they have with money is easy and gracious, but for others, it comes very hard. Make a list of the kind of feelings you get when you think about money. Do you notice what you say when you are paying for things, like " the price of gas is so high", or "things are so expensive". Do you struggle and strive for money but never succeed? Does it take forever to make enough money so you can have fun with it? Do you have the time you need to make the money you want or do you feel there’s never enough time? Do you deserve to have money or do you believe that money is the root of all evil? Does money run away from you? Can you count on money? You can create an new energetic relationship with money which can be very liberating. Now the question is what kind of relationship do you want to have with money? What kind of qualities could it have? Do you want to create a relationship with money that you can count on, make you feel safe, comfortable and confident? Make a new list of all the feeling that you want to experience and all the qualities you want in your relationship with money. As you were doing this exercise did you notice any shift in your feelings or in your body? Consider giving money a name,which will enable you to have fun with it when you think about it as a person and being around this energy. My grand daughter Kennadie just turned one year old, and she has started using a toy walker to get around. As she rolls around the house, I follow her quietly to make sure that she is okay. She knows that I am behind her and she turns around and smiles and giggles when she sees me. I tell her that I’m right behind her and that I will always take care of her. So now as I walk around the house these days, I visualize money following me just the way that I follow little Kennadie. I talk to money and call it by name. I have such a sense of knowing that I’m being taken care of and I feel blessed and secure surrounded by its presence. As you love and embody this energy, think of it as an exchange of love energy, and you will draw it to you. When you love someone you want to be in their company. What small step are going to take to make money your best friend? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: