SWS million short-term market activity to enhance the concern of sustainability nvidia geforce gt 740m

Shenwan Hong: short-term market activity improved, focus on sustainability [investment strategy] short-term market activity has improved, the continuous market yesterday after a rebound, close to the line, but with the line gradually down and go flat, the next line is not to judge the market important basis. The concern is that the short, medium and long all the averages are around 3000, shows the characteristics of healing and adhesion. According to previous market experience, when convergence to the limit may form a new direction. In addition, the situation in the short term, 3052 and 3073 of the two gaps have been back up, the market lacks the direction of the transaction, volatility continues to narrow, the transaction is also more sluggish. However, yesterday disk uncharacteristically, upward shocks all the way down, the stock activity has improved significantly, the plate effect began to appear. This is returning to the market situation, especially in the GEM market appeared collective activity, although the extent is mild, but more favorable to improve market sentiment. We propose to continue to observe the sustainability of this market, if the plate and stocks can be effectively activated, the market will be greatly enhanced participation. Of course, the current pattern is still shock convergence state trading fast, maintain flexibility is also very important. Operating strategy: semi warehouse holdings, to avoid the cumulative increase in large varieties.相关的主题文章: