Table Tennis Super – Ding Ning Liu Shiwen defeated Beijing’s doubles lost Wuhan

Table Tennis Super – Ding Ning Liu Shiwen defeated Beijing’s doubles lost Wuhan Bayi Ding Ning (information) sina sports news Beijing on October 22nd news, 2016 women’s Team Table Tennis Super League third round ended, Ding Ning lost the doubles, the Beijing team to 1 than 3 lost to Shandong, suffered the first defeat of the season of Qilu traffic. Liu Shiwen lost to Muzi, the Wuhan team 1 to 3 lost to the Bayi team’s three game winning streak, the Bayi team is women’s only unbeaten team; although Zhu Yuling lost to Che Xiaoxi, Shandong Luneng 3 1 Lectra Shanxi; Chen Mengsan swept Hirano Miu, the Shenzhen team to 3 than 0 to win the first win of the season, this is Ma Lin’s first victory Table Tennis Super career. Beijing Shougang 1 than Shandong Qilu traffic Beijing team still let Ding Ning served as the two single, Qilu traffic is still a single Wu Yang. The first is Qilu traffic accomplishment, she with 3 than 0 (12, 11, 9 than 10 than 12 than 10) beat the Beijing team Sheng Dandan, Qilu traffic at 1 to 0 lead. Second Ding Ning and Wu Yang meet, Ding Ning played very patient, she successfully suppressed opponents, 13 more than 11, 11 than 5, 14 to 12, she swept three straight sets Wu Yang, the total score is 1 flat. In doubles, together with Chen Wen Jia two to 11 to 8 over Ding Ning Li Jiayuan, more than 2 to 1 Qilu traffic leader again. Wu Yang in the fourth game for the team to win the victory, she was 3 to 1 (11 to 8, the ratio of 10 to 12, the ratio of 9 to 11, 11 to 5) to beat Sheng Dandan, Qilu traffic to beat Beijing team than 3. Qilu traffic in 3 straight season, the Beijing team ended the game in a row, they suffered the first defeat of the season in 2. Wuhan peace of mind 1 percentage points more than the first one in Beijing, Wuhan, Beijing, Tianjin, Liu Shiwen is still holding a single. The first Liu Shiwen to 3 to 0 (11 to 9, 11 to 7, the ratio of 11 to 5) beat the Bayi team, the Wuhan team to lead to a ratio of 1 to 0. Muzi in the second hit a 3 than 0, she defeated Wuhan’s Zhang Rui, three innings score is 11 to 9, 11, 11 than 1 than 6, the two sides battle into 1 levels. The next doubles contest, Liu Xinsun with 2 than 0 Mingyang (11 vs 6, 11 vs 5) beat the Wuhan team Zhang Ruiliu Gaoyang, Bayi team to 2 than 1 win. The two sides of the main one met in fourth games, Liu Shiwen had more than 2 to 1 lead, but if Muzi had the last laugh, she won two games in the ratio of 3 to 2 (11, 11, 4 than 7 than 9 than 11, 11 than 3, 7 than 5) reversal win, the Bayi team beat Wuhan team 3 to 1. Bayi team harvest 3 winning streak, they are the only team in the women’s team unbeaten. Wuhan finish 2 in a row. Shanxi Datuhe Huali 1 than the 3 Shandong Luneng Luneng team is still playing a single Zhu Yuling. Luneng two single Fan Siqi in the first kick, she more than 3 to 0 (11, 4, 11 than 4 than 11 than 8) swept the Shanxi team Guo Yichen, Luneng team than the 1 to 0 lead. Zhu Yuling in the second game and the Shanxi team’s fierce battle of the five game, the final in the case of the lead in the case of more than 2 to the opponent even pull the reversal of the game, the score is the ratio of 11 to 8, the ratio of 11 to 9, the ratio of 7 to 11, the ratio of 4 to 11, 2, 0), the ratio of the total number of the game, the game is the result of the five game of the game, the score of the game is the ratio of the score of the last three games相关的主题文章: