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Take the baby to Sanya new play, family travel must see tourist – Sohu said that Sanya is a spoiled by God, here are the best sunshine, the best air, the most beautiful beach and see the best sea… Every day. But water moisture, occasionally have to stretch out a sweat. What is a station on the Yalong Bay in Sanya, there are a number of horse riding, archery for outdoor activities. You can feel the northwest prairie heroic in Sanya. August 2016 shooting in Sanya Yalong Bay every day water moisture, occasionally have to stretch out a sweat. Just not far from the hotel, what a post, there are a number of horse riding, archery for outdoor activities. Station specifically for children chose a white pony, looks very handsome. May be nervousness, we go home. After appear at home, face stiff, which makes the father worried. Fortunately, after a few laps down, slowly familiar with the horse’s temper, and pony friends. The chick face taut and also a smile. See Na Ying valiant appearance, let the heart have a proud father. Compared to horseback riding, archery is much faster. Wear protective equipment, the staff of simple instruction, chick alone slowly began to practice archery. Sanya sun is strong, not just for a while sweating. However, she didn’t seem to have a rest. Well, you have this rare perseverance, not to disturb you, we will go to the pavilion to sit. In addition to playing in Sanya, eating is also very important. To the number of MGM resort rainbow Bay Seafood Restaurant feel the most of the trip. The restaurant is located in the centre of Yalong Bay beach, with spacious and comfortable view of the sea, the sea is the Yalong Bay seascape seafood restaurant. Into the sunset, rainbow Bay, shimmering blue sands, near the foot, rainbow Bay Seafood Restaurant unique outdoor seascape beach enjoy dining area for guests to enjoy the tropical scenery. Rainbow Bay seafood restaurant with seafood, vegetable salad supplement. Seafood is the most important thing to eat fresh, Sanya seafood is fresh and famous, so here is absolutely the most fresh ingredients, taste, of course, is a bar. Worthy of praise is the dishes of the pendulum, although only a simple decoration, but can see that the chef is using the mind. The name for the cappuccino mushroom soup is my greatest surprise. The first milk into a delicate milk bubble into the cup, and then add the cooked mushroom soup, break through the traditional mode of production, making the delicate texture of the soup more clearly, giving people a refreshing feeling. The main dish is grilled seafood assorted cold dishes, light watching slobber. Chunks of lamb, fresh prawns, there are a variety of excellent seafood, composed of a vision, smell, taste and enjoy the delicacy meal three. The last dessert Alaska Flaming Mountains, thick cream wrapped sweet ice cream, flame jump with the burning rum, this creative dessert for the whole dining atmosphere reached a climax, people indulge in romantic, sweet, happiness. This is the children’s favorite food tonight. Traffic information:.相关的主题文章: