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Tang Yan appeared for the Changsha golden goddess   Zhao Liying was asked smiling without a word – Hunan channel — people.com.cn Changsha appeared in Huanghua airport. Liu Tao and Hua Chenyu chorus. From the twenty-eighth session of the China TV Golden Eagle Award and the eleventh session of the China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival kicked off into the 24 hour countdown, the network "final candidates Eagle goddess Tang Yan arrived in the evening of October 13th in Changsha, facing the media containment, she said in addition to come to participate in the Golden Eagle Festival, straight smiled. As the nominated actress, Liu Tao will be at the awards ceremony with the chorus of Hua Chenyu. Tang Yan arrived in Changsha asked and Zhao Liying smiled as compared to direct the Golden Eagle Festival label, the golden goddess who will become the focus of earlier came Zheng Shuang and controversial coulee nuozha shortlisted candidates dull, but in October 12th, many news front straight forward at Tang Yan. The studio is the exposure of a single trip, she will be confirmed from October 14th to 16 in Changsha stay in the Golden Eagle Festival, it is considered that the rumors. The evening of October 13th, Tang Yan appeared in Huanghua Airport by many media containment, she revealed the upcoming Gala rehearsal. But whether as the golden goddess, she is smiling without a word. Among them, the media asked whether she pays attention to a "Golden Eagle goddess" Zhao Liying at the time of the performance, Tang Yan broker immediately to too many people on the grounds, with the quickly out of the airport to leave the car. Red Net entertainment learned from the insider, "Golden Eagle goddess" is indeed the final candidates Tang Yan, opening ceremony in the evening of October 14th, her appearance will be different mode early golden goddess show, real will take off. Liu Tao nominated actress Hua Chenyu nomination will open voice and chorus every year the Golden Eagle Festival Awards, the most attractive. Zhao Liying and Liu Tao are considered to be the strongest candidates in the list after the announcement. October 16th coincides with the birthday, Zhao Liying was considered to be a special birthday gift. In addition, in the last session won the best performing arts award, Liu Tao also strong popularity, becoming a popular winner. Red Net entertainment learned that Liu Tao will serve as guest performers at the awards show, and Hua Chenyu common interpretation of Zheng Xiaolong drama many classic songs. Because "with flowers and young", Liu Tao once, Huachen Yu concert, and a duet with Leslie Cheung’s works "hug", the two people will sing the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" "" Mi months pass and many other popular TV drama theme song and the episode. (reporter Zhu Qing) (Luo Shuai, Chen Qinxing: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: