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Tesla even the glass must be independent research and development Model 3 pioneered the use of Tencent Automotive News, according to AutoBlog website reported that, as a start-up company, Tesla is doing things in their own way. Including the battery production, establish their own charging standards, manufacturing sales of electric vehicles, and even to provide users to solar power products to meet their demand for electric vehicle charging (or household electricity demand). Now, Tesla has added a piece of automotive glass in its own product chain. According to the Electrekreports website, eilon musk · releasing its domestic solar roof products to the outside world at the same time, also referred to the special glass materials Tesla technology. In a recent conference call with analysts, when musk discuss solar tile products, the first confirmed to the outside world, Tesla has a new glass materials R & D department. Mask said: "this product uses a lot of automotive glass manufacturing industry skills. Although the Tesla company did not put up a pageantry to carry out publicity, but we have formed a glass technology R & D team team — there are many outstanding talents." Musk also confirmed that Tesla will make cars in applications, the use of glass materials own technology. First of all, these materials will be used in the upcoming Model 3 electric vehicles. You can see in the body of the electric vehicle have been launched, Tesla is already using the glass material (to a certain extent, a huge panoramic windshield, the special has been listed for sale Model X is an application of this glass of technology). The upcoming Model 3 electric car will be provided by the top of the roof of the two large glass sunroof. Prior to the full promotion of automotive glass materials, the company hopes to focus on the performance of Tesla’s strength, it is best to have the same strength as its solar glass tiles. At present, the company has appointed the Tesla technical director of Apple Corp, former senior material engineer Mike · (Mike Pilliod); Billy Odd is responsible for the R & D department, and by his Tesla project manager Kate · Kuzna (Kate Kuzina) is a management of the Department. In addition to solar roofing products and automotive glass, technical expertise and Billy has ord can also be used for automotive interior applications of the glass material. For example, Tesla is likely to eventually decided to use this kind of glass material to make the car touch screen. Either way, whether it is in the glass material or other technical advances, the outside world are expected to continue to develop new technologies to create new things. Tesla can also maintain a leading position in the competition.相关的主题文章: