Thanks for offering 2 guest comics two dimensional black dog & toot – announced their father Lee

Thanks for offering 2 guest comics two dimensional black dog & toot – announced their father Lee Yunlai! As the two dimensional image of the "black dog" nest "image and animation creation, the ancient capital of toot" the Li Yun teacher especially for our two dimensional thank offering exclusive poster creation, the first "black dog" and "beep" interact, and combined with the Mid Autumn Festival theme, see the poster finished small series have been drunk that was to burst there! Of course, in addition to the black dog and Dudu, Li Yun teacher in other areas is also very powerful Oh, get to know Li Yun teacher! ~ occupation cartoonist, illustrator, and dream novel library editor, agent, micro film director. Graduated from Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts. Since 2005 started, mainly in cooperation with the two dimension related companies in Japan and South Korea, the United States and other countries, drawing the official poster design for the official image of more than 40 domestic exhibition, more than 20 city, and maintain a long-term and stable cooperation, each quarter are invited as guests to sign the sale will be held around. Now serves as a number of first and second tier cities exhibition art director and exhibition planning consultant. For a number of media (such as Sina micro-blog comics, etc.) to create the official image. Keen on the development and dissemination of Chinese traditional culture. The 56 Chinese national personification into adorable girl, with national delicacy and customs of knowledge of science of Saimoe "- the fifty-six Chinese folk style ethnic style painting volume" has been translated into many languages and began in 2015 at the National Bureau of Japan foreign publications "people’s China" began serialization. The cartoon "witch club" was translated into Japanese version and sold on a number of Japanese mobile cartoon platforms, and the Korean, English and French versions of the game are expected to be available in Europe next year. With AKB48 super popular singles "wind is blowing at last in the last" original Xu Ling River composer to create music "CD film" of many yuan owed, in the two day issue. Business cooperation and cooperation and frequent, the official design small lion two dimensional image, rendering the first "pain cherry" image driven Yantai cherry products sales of amazing, and developed into a series of fruit and seafood. The past two years dedicated to China culture overseas propaganda, many times in Japan, held a special lecture at the Waseda University hospital, the revitalization of cooperation with South Korea cartoon, participate in the Central Propaganda Department, foreign office "Wukong Cup" original cartoon contest. Working with a number of manufacturers in Spain, is currently involved in the Spanish football team in China’s official peripheral design. Responsible for logo design at the APEC summit of the Ministry of foreign affairs. The original cartoon works in 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2007-2009 2016 awards one official image and poster design 50 exhibition design, 27 city official image rendering official poster and cooperation (in alphabetical order) Beijing Shanghai Nanjing Yantai Dongying Harbin Wuhan Xi’an Chengdu Shenyang Wuxi Yancheng Hefei相关的主题文章: